Join the TMCGTT Timeblazers!

Join the TMCGTT Timeblazers!


The Measured Circle’s Geek Time Trip TMCGTT Logo

is taking time tourists to geeky des-time-ations! They can watch TV shows and movies, read books/magazines/comic books, listen to old time radio shows, and more!

Perhaps you’ve been on one of our excursions yourself: watching Rocky Jones, Space Ranger; reading Little Fuzzy, or listening to an episode of 2000 Plus.

You may have wondered how we found these geekworks for your free enjoyment.

That’s the work of our Timeblazers Team!

Our brave explorers travel the timestream, searching for the right experiences for our customers. It’s not easy: locating the right type of event, recording and reporting its location, all while avoiding the sort of temporal paradoxes which might alter history.

The risk is high, but the reward can be great! Oh, not a monetary reward (TMCGTT generates no revenue…it exists as a labor of love for the benefit of the public, while NOT being a non-profit organization), but knowing that you’ve helped preserve and promote our geek culture…well, there is no other feeling exactly like that (there are a lot of other feelings, of course, but they are all different from that one).

You can help! You can be a Timeblazer!


The Measured Circle’s Geek Time Trip

Once there, click or tap on the

Add My Memory button

Add My Memory button

in your top right corner of the site.

From there, you can either record a voice memory, or upload a file (video/audio/text). Note that you can add it to an existing des-time-ation!

Memory upload screen

Your contribution will be reviewed by a TMCGTT Curator, and if it is added, you will get credit for your find!

That’s all there is to it!

Be a Timeblazer and promote geekdom to the universe!

Capture the past! Build the future! Join the Timeblazer Team!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Measured Circle’s Geek Time Trip’s Timeblazer Program

Q. What should I add?

A. Anything geeky! You can add something to an existing des-time-ation, and create a new one

Q. How do you define geeky?

A. Geeky is what we are pointing at when we say, “Hey, don’t point at that…it’s rude.” 😉 We define geeky in this context as a fictional work about something which could not have happened in consensus reality. While that certainly includes the more narrow definition that some people might use of hard science fiction, it also includes ghost stories, swords & sorcery, and whatever it is that Philip K. Dick writes 😉

Q. That’s a lot of territory! How do I choose where to start?

A. Do what you most want to do first. Here are some strategies which may help you:

  • EVERLASTING GAPSTOPPER: do you think there is something which absolutely should be in TMCGTT which is missing? So do we! Millions of things! If you look for something that you love or you think is important (not always the same thing), add it. It wasn’t an intentional omission…this is a monumental undertaking, and geeky things are added to the universe faster than we can add them to TMCGTT!
  • MEASURE THE CIRCLE: start with something already in TMCGTT. Then, make a connection…and just keep making them. For example, let’s say you started with The Last Man on Earth movie from March 8, 1964. You go from there to Vincent Price. From Vincent Price to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. From Thriller to John Landis. From John Landis to Schlock. From Schlock to Rick Baker. From Rick Baker to Squirm. From Squirm to Don Scardino. From Don Scardino to Angel from H*ll. From Angel from H*ll to Jane Lynch. From Jane Lynch to…
  • THE COMPLETIST: start with someone and work on adding every one of their geek friendly works. Start with a TV show (which may already exist in TMCGTT) and work on adding every episode. Choose an author and go for it…
  • CONNECTION THEORY: one of our favorite things at TMCGTT is to find a category which nobody realized was a category before. For some reason, in the early Twentieth Century, there were a number of bodiless head characters…not necessarily disembodied, because they may never have had a body, but living heads
  • ENHANCEMENT ADVANCEMENT: rather than adding a new des-time-ations, enhance an existing one…add new memories to it
  • EXPAND ACROSS THE 4TH DIMENSION: um, and the first three, too. We love diversity (IDIC, right?). See a year (or a week or century or a day of the year) that doesn’t have something yet? How about a country (or a city or a continent)?
  • THE SERENDIPITY STRATEGEM: find it first, figure it out later. Not all expeditions of exploration had a goal. Go to one of the many sources of public domain geekworks:; Digital Comic Museum;; and so on. Search for something geeky

Q. What shouldn’t I add?

A. Respecting copyright is more important to TMCGTT than being complete. Don’t add a file unless you believe it is in the public domain in the USA (which is where TMCGTT is headquartered) or you own the rights yourself. Anything you add should have been available to the public, not something which has never been shared before

Q. How do I become a Curator? What’s the difference between a Curator and a Timeblazer?

A. At this point, Bufo Calvin is the only Curator. It’s possible others will be added later. A Curator can approve memories which have been submitted, add tags, delete events, and more. A Timeblazer adds to existing events or submits new one, subject to the approval of a Curator

More questions? Comment on this page. If you would like your question or comment to be private, please say so at the beginning.

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