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Things that work: MagicLight 10-LED sensor light

September 29, 2017

Things that work: MagicLight 10-LED sensor light

We all buy and try a lot of things…gadgets, services, and so on. However, they don’t always work like we expect. This is the first of what we hope will be a series of posts about “things that work”: they may not be perfect, but they do what they say and we think they are worth the price.

MagicLight Portable Wireless 10-LED Motion Sensor Light, Night-Light, Closet Light, Wall Light for Cabinet, Bathroom, Garage, Basement, Stairway, Pantry, Drawer (Battery Operated, 3000K) $8.95 at time of writing

It’s pretty simple…sometimes, you just need to throw a little light on the subject…or the shelves…or the stairs. 😉

We have a linen closet that doesn’t have a light, and we have steps leading up to the front door.

We’ve tried some different solutions: for a while, we had a light in the linen closet where you pulled a string to make it light up.

The MagicLight works quite well for what we need.

It comes on automatically…it reacts to motion, but it won’t turn on if it is already light.

It turns off automatically, too.

That’s about it. 🙂

It worked well enough that we bought more…one for each step, and it’s cute to see them come and go off one at a time as the dogs go past them. 😉


  • They may be too bright…be careful about putting them right at eye level
  • They are battery-operated (4 AAAs)…I don’t like having to change batteries, but we had tried solar-operated, and just didn’t like the results. These are self-adhesive: I mounted the one on the doorframe where the battery door was on the bottom, to make it easier to change them. They did last quite a while

As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)…

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