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Yikkee-YaG (YKYAG: You Know You’re a Geek…) #1

January 2, 2014

Yikkee-YaG (YKYAG: You Know You’re a Geek…) #1

At The Measured Circle, being a geek is a good thing…we’re proud of it. 🙂 However, how do you know if you’re a geek? We decided to give you some indicators. Note: you can be a geek even if none of these are true for you, or if some are only partly true.

You know you’re a geek…if, even though you logically* know they will never happen, you have detailed contingency plans for what to do in the event of the zombie apocalypse, an attack by Godzilla, or you develop superpowers.

You know you’re a geek…when you can always remember Captain Kirk’s birthdate**, but aren’t so sure of your mother’s.

You know you’re a geek…when people say you don’t know how to dress appropriately***, but you would never wear a DC shirt to a Marvel movie.

You know you’re a geek…if you are proud of your lightning fast wit, and ignore the fact that it takes you two minutes to explain the joke**** to the other people in the room.

You know you’re a geek…if it doesn’t bother you when people ridicule your passions, unless they confuse your passions with somebody else’s passions*****, or use the wrong terminology when insulting you.

You know you’re a geek…if you find The Big Bang Theory amusing because that Penny character****** is so ridiculous: nobody really talks that way.

You know you’re a geek…if you think every single movie, TV show, and book deserves respect, no matter how bad it is*******.

* And you are really good at logic
** March 22, 2263
*** Like that time you wore a Batman belt buckle to your performance review
**** And they still don’t get it afterwards, but you think it is funny
***** How can people confuse Star Wars and Star Trek? One is in the future and one is in the past
****** Bonus indicator: you immediately realize Penny’s parallel with Marilyn on The Munsters. Bonus bonus indicator if you did that and The  Munsters was on before you were born
******* Unless, you know, it’s a mainstream work 😉

Note: using a convoluted structure like these footnotes is also an indicator…geeks find complexity fun.

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