Bufo’s Convention Connection

Bufo’s Convention Connection

Conventions, also known as “cons”, are when people who rarely leave the house get together…just kidding, of course, they can be great fun.  For current dates, I recommend Fanboy’s Convention List.

My goal on this page of The Measured Circle is to provide links to annual cons.  Some of them have been held for decades, and the internet provides a great way to get information on the current con.  Dates and locations can change, of course, and I’m often going to simply take what is said on the website (if they say they’ve been around since 1982, I’m not going to verify that).  I’ll include science fiction, gaming, paranormal, pop culture…all sorts of things.  If you know a con with a website included, let me know…I’ll check it out.  Like all of The Measured Circle, it’s a subjective choice as to what will get included.  😉

Ad Astra, focus on science fiction literature, Toronto, Ontario, earliest known year 1980

Adventure Con, pop culture collectors’ con, Knoxville, Tennessee, earliest known year 2002

Aliens to Zombies, earliest known year 2011

Amecon, focus on anime, Staffordshire, UK, earliest known year 2010 (but looks like it was held earlier)

Anime Evolution, Vancouver, British Columbia, earliest known year 1998

Anime Nebraskon, Omaha, Nebraska, earliest known year 2004

Atlanta Game Fest, focus on boardgames, Atlanta, Georgia, earliest known year 2010 (#16)

Au Contraire, science fiction and fantasy, New Zealand, earliest known year 2010 (#31)

Betacon, gaming, Pennsylvania, earliest known year 2005

Capicons Comic Book & Pop Culture Con, Dunn Loring, Virginia…earliest known year 2010

Charlotte ComiCon, Charlotte, North Carolina…earliest known year 2010

Chibi-Pa, Japanese focus, West Palm Beach, earliest known year 2005 (?)

Context, focus on science fiction literature, Columbus, Ohio, first known year 2010 (#23)

Continuum, Melbourne, Australia, earliest known year 2006 (#4)

The Dallas Webcomix Expo, Plano, Texas, earliest known year 2010 (#2)

Discworld Convention, Birmingham, UK, earlist known year 1996

Dundracon, gaming, San Ramon, CA, earliest known year 1978 (#4)

Fanaticon, focus on comics, Asheville, North Carolina, earliest known year 2010

Game Fest South, focus on boardgames, Chattanooga, Tennessee, earliest known year 2010 (#3)

SETIcon (event of the SETI ((Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)) Institute), Santa Clara, California, earliest nown year 2010

Star Wars Celebration V (official Lucasfilm con), travels, earliest known date 1999

Sukoshicon, focus on anime, Birmingham, Alabama, earliest known year 2010

World Fantasy Convention, travels, earliest known year 1999 (#24)

World Horror Convention, travels, earliest known year 1991

World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), science fiction (the Hugos are awarded), travels, earliest known year 1939

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