BOPMadness (Bufo’s Oscar Prediction Madness) 2019 results: the group scored 83% overall, our overall winner was 97%

BOPMadness (Bufo’s Oscar Prediction Madness) 2019 results: the group scored 83% overall, our overall winner was 97%

Thanks to everyone who played! BOPMadness is now decades in the running, and this was a good year!

I personally underestimated the recognition of Parasite by the Academy, and that did surprise our group overall. Ford v Ferrari also did better than we (or I…not my best year) expected. That said, as a group, we only missed one and a half Big Six (acting/directing/Best Picture) category, Best Picture. We went with 1917, with Parasite our second choice. Why the half? We were tied on 1917 or Parasite for directing.

On The Incredibly Difficult Maven Section (everything else), we missed on the following:

  • Original Screenplay (we picked Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, then Marriage Story, with the winner Parasite 3rd)
  • Film Editing (we picked Parasite; the winner was Ford v Ferrari, which we had 2nd)
  • Song (we picked Stand Up from Harriet; the winner was I’m Gonna Love Me Again from Rocketman, which we had 2nd)
  • Sound Editing (we picked 1917; the winner was Ford v Ferrari, which we had 2nd…interesting that the two sound awards split)
  • Documentary Feature (we picked For Sama; we had the winner, American Factory, 3rd)

That was it! We predicted every other category!

As to our individual winners, congratulations to the following!

  • The Big Six winner was DBibby with 97% (picked Bong Joon-Ho 2nd for directing), The group was 88%.
  • The Maven winner was George Monkey Experience with 98% (only missed Live Action Short & Sound editing, but had the winners 2nd). The group was 81%
  • And the Overall winner was…George Monkey Experience! They scored 97% overall, missing on only three categories (with the winners being their second choices). They win that most valuable of all human possessions: braggin’ rights! The group was 83%.

I plan to e-mail their individual results to everybody this 3-day weekend.

I do want to mention that I was pretty much liveposting our results during the ceremony, but I don’t see that it actually published. 😦

Thanks again to the players! Hope you all play again next year, and if you didn’t play this time, I hope you will, too!

See you in the movies!

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