The Masked Singer: spoiler speculation

The Masked Singer: spoiler speculation

What is “spoiler speculation”?

It’s when I don’t know something to be true, but it might be…and if it is, it could spoil something in entertainment. You’ve been warned…you may want to skip this article if you want to keep guessing about which celebrities are inside the costumes on

The Masked Singer

I’m pretty good at these sorts of things. ūüôā I always say that my favorite thing in entertainment is to be surprised, and it almost never happens. That doesn’t mean I always know¬†the right answer (although I often do), but the odds that I haven’t even considered it are quite small. I knew The Sixth Sense’s twist right away. I predicted nine out of the last ten eliminations in an American Idol season…in order, before any of them happened.

First, a little bit about the show, for those who haven’t seen it. Celebrities (could be athletes, singers, actors, and so on) compete as singers, while wearing full body character costumes (and their heads are concealed). Four regular judges (and there can be guest judges) guess who they are…the regular four are Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Of course, the actual performances can be helpful, but the main thing for me are the “packages” (video intros) which provide clues (they can be visual clues, such as objects in the background, or clues in phrases that are used as the singer explains their background. The panelists can also ask a question…I think that’s always just one per episode.

I’ve been right on some who were already revealed (the one with the lowest votes for their performance is unmasked at the end of the episode).

In each case, the clues lined up well with the identity.

These, then are some speculations on which singers have not yet been unmasked. I’m very confident on the first one, quite confident on the next. I’m not a betting person (at least, not for money or actual physical goods…in my annual Oscar prediction contest,¬†BOPMadness, we vie for “braggin’ rights”)…I’m not suggesting any of you are in a money pool on this, but this might help you if you are speculating with friends.

The Rabbit (my confidence level: very high!)

The Rabbit is Mark Wahlberg (AKA Marky Mark). I have no doubts about this one. Here are some clues they’ve given us and how they apply to Mark Walhberg:

  • Cooking: the panel speculated that this might mean a celebrity chef, but it’s tied into Wahlburgers, the restaurant chain that also involves brothers Donnie & Paul. There was a reality show built around it, and Mark would certainly want it promoted on this show
  • Being “boxed” in: this doesn’t have to do with cardboard boxes, but with Wahlberg’s role as a producer of (netting an Oscar nom for Wahlberg for Best Picture), and appearance in, The Fighter, a boxing biopic
  • That would probably be enough to convince me, but everything else fits: on stage as part of a group (New Kids on the Block), synchronized singing, being the “last mask standing” (probably an allusion to his movie Lone Survivor), amusement park (it was a big deal when a Wahlburgers opened at the OWA complex in Alabama)…there’s probably been something about Chevy’s as well, another business in which Wahlberg has an interest

I’d be shocked if it’s not him.

The Alien (my confidence level: high)

The alien is Kendall Jenner:

  • Many sisters (the Kardashians)
  • Snake (this was the clincher…there was a lot of publicity when she had a ((temporary)) snake tattoo for a photo shoot for V magazine)
  • She’s recorded many things (having been on television so much)
  • “out of fashion” (she’s a fashion model)
  • Everything else fits, especially anonymity being an “alien” concept

The Bee (my confidence level: moderately high

The Bee is Gladys Knight:

  • There were peaches in the background of a package. Knight had a big hit with Midnight Train to Georgia (Georgia peaches)
  • “Empress” could apply to her, and she appeared on the show Empire…that’s pretty clear for me
  • The other clues fit about wanting to sing for a younger generation and having sung in the 1950s. One that surprises me because it is more personal is The Bee’s comment to “Take me to court”…Knight has famously been involved in a court case

I think I’ll stop there for now…this is long enough, and I’ve likely give you three! These are the other remaining contestants, and some quick speculation:

  • The Peacock: Macaulay Culkin (friends with Michael Jackson, a “teeny bopper” (character in Home Alone making things hit the bad guys)
  • The Monster
  • The Unicorn: Denise Richards (lost her “sheen” and she had been married to Charlie Sheen; model behavior)
  • The Lion
  • The Raven: Update: The Raven is Ricki Lake. “Good morning, Baltimore (Ravens)!” This is a clear reference to her breakout, Hairspray. The Raven is a talk show host, and everything else fits. My confidence level on this one is now moderately high.

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