Just published: The Measured Circle’s 2018 Box Office MVPs

Just published: The Measured Circle’s 2018 Box Office MVPs

Well, I’ve just finished crunching the numbers and published the

2018 The Measured Circle’s Box Office MVPs

list at IMDb!

That doesn’t mean that it won’t still change…there are certainly 2018 releases (especially those released late in the year) which are making money, and an Oscar bump could have an impact after those awards are announced on February 24th.

Still, it doesn’t look to me like people are likely to be added…more that standings might change.

The Mule is very likely to break $100m dogro (domestic gross), but I think the cast members of that movie who are to make the list have already done so.

The Oscar bump may bring some movies up to $40m which aren’t now but I think what you can see is going to be the vast majority of MVPs.

To briefly explain how you get on the list (the complete explanation is part of the list):

  • You need to be first-billed in a movie which dogros $100m
  • You need to also appear in another movie which dogros at least $40m, but you need not be first-billed

Our #1 MVP this year was…Letitia Wright!

Like several of her co-stars in Black Panther (the top four all appeared in that movie), she also appeared in Avengers: Infinity War. Unlike Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, and Winston Duke, she had a third movie: Ready Player One. That gave her a list total of $1,511.6m ($1,511,600,000…give or take, since we round the numbers to a single decimal digit).

Congratulations, Letitia!

There are a lot of newcomers to the list, probably reflecting the more diverse movies last year.

Here is the list…the amounts are in millions of dollars of dogro for the qualifying movies:

Name 2018
Letitia Wright 1516.6
Danai Gurira 1378.9
Chadwick Boseman 1378.9
Winston Duke 1378.9
Samuel L. Jackson 1287.4
Chris Pratt 1096.5
Josh Brolin 1047.4
Angela Bassett 1038.1
Bradley Cooper 981.5
Benedict Cumberbatch 949.1
Sope Aluko 913.6
Paul Bettany 892.6
Michael B. Jordan 815.4
Sterling K. Brown 751.1
Florence Kasumba 751.1
Daniel Kaluuya 742.4
Chris Hemsworth 724.6
Craig T. Nelson 677.2
Holly Hunter 658.7
Randall Park 524.5
Toby Jones 516.9
Alan Tudyk 513.1
Patrick Wilson 493.1
Alec Baldwin 473.6
T.J. Miller 456.2
Tye Sheridan 456.2
Dolph Lundgren 432.2
Angela Lansbury 431.5
Woody Harrelson 427.3
Hannah John-Kamen 412.6
Carter Hastings 408.0
Emily Blunt 391.4
Judy Greer 375.9
Leigh Whannell 375.6
Michael Peña 362.9
Simon Pegg 357.9
James Corden 338.7
Mika Kubo 334.4
Walton Goggins 332.9
Kathryn Hahn 329.4
Rashida Jones 325.0
Julie Walters 324.0
Zoë Kravitz 320.9
Awkwafina 314.7
Laurence Fishburne 314.4
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson 304.4
Andy Garcia 287.0
Meryl Streep 281.8
Colin Firth 281.8
Liang Chang 280.1
Hailee Steinfeld 279.7
Kurt Yue 268.2
Chris Pine 262.4
Michelle Williams 262.3
Aidan Gillen 260.8
Michael Harney 247.2
Mindy Kaling 240.7
Taraji P. Henson 238.1
Henry Golding 228.0
Ken Jeong 221.2
Miles Robbins 219.6
Keegan-Michael Key 218.5
Taissa Farmiga 215.3
Chris Parnell 214.2
Deirdre Goodwin 209.7
Cate Blanchett 208.7
Drew Scheid 206.0
Victor Rasuk 198.2
Jack Quaid 184.3
Rose Byrne 183.0
John Cena 178.1
Omid Djalili 175.5
Dwayne Johnson 169.4
Elizabeth Debicki 157.6
Eric Johnson 153.9
Sakina Jaffrey 149.0
P.J. Byrne 143.9

For more details (such as which movies make up the number), please see that IMDb list at 2018 The Measured Circle’s Box Office MVPs.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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