2019 Geeky Good-byes

2019 Geeky Good-byes

We regularly write about the passing of celebrities with geek-friendly credits in our Good-byes category. However, we aren’t always able to write a post for everyone, especially near to the time we may hear the report of a death. This page will list them.

Starting in 2018, we began including the Geek Factor score we created for Battle of the Network Stars (slightly adapted, since it included people with no geek credits, and those won’t be listed here).

Geek Factor

Geek Factor Unknown (GF?): it can be hard to determine the Geek Factor with celebrities with primarily non-English credits
Geek Factor 1 (GF1): perhaps a few scattered minor roles
Geek Factor 2 (GF2): at least one featured geek-friendly role
Geek Factor 3 (GF3): at least one starring geek-friendly role, or a featured geek-friendly role based on an existing gf character, or multiple featured geek-friendly roles
Geek Factor 4 (GF4): more than one starring gf role, or a starring GF role based on an existing GF character, or an established career as a geek-friendly supporting player…thought of by the public as a geek-friendly actor
Geek Factor 5 (GF5): icon

I do try to improve these, so I thought in 2019 I’d explain my wording. When I say someone was “in” something, it means a movie or a one time (guest) appearance. If they were “on” a show, it means a recurring/regular role.

Universes affected (see below for individual listings):

J.J. Abrams: Julie Adams; Stephanie Niznik
Addams Family: Carol Channing; Rip Taylor
Age swap/changing ages: Kristoff St. John; Bill Anagnos
Alexandre Aja: Cameron Boyce
AIP: Daniel C. Striepeke
Alice in Wonderland: Carol Channing; Windsor Davies
Alien movie series: Matt Rose
Aliens: Dick Miller; Aron Eisenberg
Irwin Allen: David Hedison
Alternate realities: Lisa Sheridan
Amazing Stories: Matt Rose; Robert Forster
American Horror Story: Linda Porter
Amityville: Aron Eisenberg
Angels: Carmen Argenziano
Anime: Peter Mayhew; Valerie Harper
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson: Windsor Davies
Annie: Daniel C. Striepeke; Albert Finney
Jack Arnold: Julie Adams
King Arthur: William Morgan Sheppard; Clive Swift
Babylon 5: William Morgan Sheppard; Carmen Argenziano
Ralph Bakshi: Louisa Moritz
Batman: Dick Miller; Katherine Helmond; Matt Rose
Battlestar Galactica: Paul Koslo
Bears: Windsor Davies
Beauty and the Beast; Dean Copkov; Daniel C. Striepeke; Matt Rose; Linda Porter
Luc Besson: Luke Perry
Bigfoot: Matt Rose
Biker Mice from Mars: William Morgan Sheppard; Luke Perry
Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man: Carmen Argenziano; Katherine Helmond; Sid Haig
Birds: Valerie Harper
Jerome Bixby: Dick Miller
Larry Blamire: Dick Miller
The Blob: Sid Haig
Ray Bradbury: Clive Swift
Brave New World: Aron Eisenberg
Brave Little Toaster: Carol Channing
Buck Rogers: Paul Koslo
Buckaroo Banzai: Gregg Rudloff
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Luke Perry
Tim Burton: Albert Finney; Matt Rose
James Cameron: Andrew G. Vajna; Dick Miller; Matt Rose
John Carpenter: Peter Fonda
Cartoon Network: Brody Stephens; Rip Taylor
Cars: Katherine Helmond
Casper, the Friendly Ghost: Daryl Dragon
Cats: Aysen Gruda; David Hedison
Catwoman: Gregg Rudloff
Charmed: Steve Bean
Chickens: Valerie Harper
Christmas: Albert Finney; Lisa Sheridan
A Christmas Carol: Albert Finney; Lisa Sheridan; Katherine Helmond
Cinderella: Kaye Ballard
Clergy: William Morgan Sheppard
Coaches: Kaye Ballard
Howard R. Cohen: Dick Miller
Comics (including adaptations): Andrew G. Vajna; Albert Finney; Katherine Helmond; Valerie Harper; Sid Haig
Roger Corman: Dick Miller; Louisa Moritz; Morgan Woodward; Sid Haig
Creature from the Black Lagoon: Julie Adams
Michael Crichton: Albert Finney
Carlton Cuse: Julie Adams
Joe Dante: Dick Miller; Matt Rose
Darkroom: Carmen Argenziano
Daredevil: Stefanos Miltsakakis; Bill Anagnos
Day of the Triffids: William Morgan Sheppard
Death Race: Louisa Moritz
DC: Dick Miller: Paul Koslo; Kristoff St. John; Gregg Rudloff; Katherine Helmond; Joseph Sirola; Matt Rose; David Hedison; Sid Haig; Robert Forster
Fred Dekker: Dick MillerDevils/demons/exorcism: Clive Swift; Carmen Argenziano; Stanley Donen; Peter Fonda
Depatie-Freling: Rip Taylor
Philip K. Dick: Andrew G. Vajna
Charles Dickens: Albert Finney
Dinosaurs: David Hedison
Disney: William Morgan Sheppard; Carol Channing; Gregg Rudloff; Katherine Helmond; Jan-Michael Vincent; Cameron Boyce; Rip Taylor; Robert Forster
Doctor Doom: Joseph Sirola
Doctor Strange: Bill Anagnos
Doctor Who: Windsor Davies; William Morgan Sheppard; Clive Swift; Del Henney
Arthur Conan Doyle: David Hedison
Dracula: Bruno Ganz; Peter Fonda
Dragon Ball Z: Peter Mayhew
Dragons: Robert Forster
Drop Dead Diva: Valerie Harper
DuckTales: Rip Taylor
Escape from New York: Peter Fonda
Elvira: Katherine Helmond
Fairies: King Kong Bundy
Fairy tales: Kaye Ballard; Katherine Helmond
Fantastic Four: Joseph Sirola
Fantasy Island: David Hedisn
The Flash: Dick Miller; Paul Koslo
The Flintstones: Rip Taylor
The Fly: David Hedison
Fox (TV): Brody Stephens
Francis the Talking Mule: Julie Adams
Frankenstein: Windsor Davies; Stefanos Miltsakakis
Garfield: Rip Taylor
Gargoyles: William Morgan Sheppard
Genies: Sid Haig; Rip Taylor
Get Smart: Gregg Rudloff; Joseph Sirola; Sid Haig
Ghost Whisperer: James Frawley
Ghostbusters: Bill Anagnos
Ghosts: François Protat
Terry Gilliam: Katherine Helmond
Godzilla: Bill Anagnos; Robert Forster
The Greatest American Hero: Paul Koslo; Carmen Argenziano
Greek mythology: Dick Miller; Merwin Goldsmith; Sid Haig
Green Hornet: Joseph Sirola
Green Lantern: Gregg Rudloff
Gremlins: Dick Miller
Charles B. Griffith: Dick Miller
Hammer: Windsor Davies; William Morgan Sheppard
Hanna-Barbera: Jan-Michael Vincent; Rip Taylor
Ray Harryhausen: Peter Mayhew
Hellboy: Matt Rose
Hellraiser: Carmen Argenziano
Jim Henson: Mattrose
Hercules: Merwin Goldsmith
Heroes: Robert Forster
High School: Larry Cohen
Hollow Earth: Peter Fonda
Ron Howard: Bill Anagnos
The Howling: Dick Miller
The Incredible Hulk: Paul Koslo; Louisa Moritz; Julie Adams; Dean Copkov; Morgan Woodward; Luke Perry; Mitzi Hoag
Insects: Kaye Ballard
Iron Man: William Morgan Sheppard
Island of Dr. Moreau: Daniel C. Striepeke
James Bond: David Hedison
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Dick Miller; Clive Swift
The Jetsons: Rip Taylor
Mark Steven Johnson: Peter Fonda
Journey to the Center of the Earth: Peter Fonda
Justice League: Dick Miller; William Morgan Sheppard; Robert Forster
Kaiju: Bill Anagnos; Robert Forster
Killer plants: Dick Miller
Stephen King: William Morgan Sheppard; Dean Copkov; Daniel C. Striepeke; Larry Cohen
Knight Rider: Paul Koslo; Carmen Argenziano; Morgan Woodward; Davidison
Sid & Marty Krofft: Jan-Michael Vincent; Sid Haig; Rip Taylor
Kung Fu TV series: Morgan Woodward
Glen A. Larson: Paul Koslo
Law enforcement officers: Dick Miller
LEGO: Gregg Rudloff
Ira Levin: Bruno Ganz
Li’l Abner: Valerie Harper
Jeffrey Lieber; Julie Adams
Damon Lindelof: Julie Adams
The Lion King; William Morgan Sheppard
Logan’s Run: Morgan Woodward
Looney Tunes: Dick Miller
Lost: Julie Adams; Stephanie Niznik
George Lucas: Bob Einstein; Sid Haig
Eric Luke: Dick Miller
Seth MacFarlane: Brody Stephens; Linda Porter
Mad Max:Gregg Rudloff
Makeup: Matt Rose
Marvel: Stefanos Miltsakakis; Paul Koslo; William Morgan Sheppard; Louisa Moritz; Julie Adams; Dean Copkov; Bill Anagnos; Morgan Woodward; Luke Perry; Mitzi Hoag; Joseph Sirola; Cameron Boyce; Peter Fonda
Richard Matheson: Paul Koslo
The Matrix: Gregg Rudloff
Max Headroom: William Morgan Sheppard
Mayors: Kaye Ballard
Todd McFarlane: Robert Forster
Men in Black: Matt Rose
Mermaids: Bill Anagnos
The Monkees: James Frawley; Peter Tork; Rip Taylor
The Monster Squad: Matt Rose
Mortal Kombat: Luke Perry
The Munsters; Kaye Ballard; Beverley Owen
The Muppets: Peter Mayhew
Musicals: Stanley Donen
Musicians: Daryl Dragon; Peter Tork
NBC: Kristoff St. John; Rip Taylor
Night at the Museum: Bill Anagnos
Night Gallery: Julie Adams
Night of the Living Dead: John Copkov
Nightmare on Elm Street: Dick Miller
Nintendo: Kaye Ballard
Norse mythology: William Morgan Sheppard
One Step Beyond: Julie Adams
Pee-Wee Herman: Linda Porter
Peter Pan: Cameron Boyce
Pirates: Dick Miller; Cameron Boyce
Planet of the Apes: Daniel C. Striepeke; Morgan Woodward; Matt Rose
Edgar Allan Poe: Peter Fonda
Politicians: Kaye Ballard
Popeye: Rip Taylor
Predator: Matt Rose
Presidents: Robert Forster
Puppet Master: Aron Eisenberg
Quantum Leap: William Morgan Sheppard; Steve Bean
Queens: Carol Channing
Rob Reiner: Gregg Rudloff
Remo Williams: Carmen Argenziano
Resident Evil: Dean Copkov
Riddick: William Morgan Sheppard
Rise: Robert Forster
Robots: Dick Miller; Merwin Goldsmith
Royalty: Carol Channing
Michael Rymer: Peter Fonda
Santa Claus: William Morgan Sheppard
John Sayles: Morgan Woodward
Scanner Cop: Robert Forster
Arnold Schwarzenneger: Andrew G. Vajna; Merwin Goldsmith
Scientists: Julie Adams
Scooby-Doo: Gregg Rudloff; Rip Taylor
Rod Serling: James Frawley; Julie Adams
Dr. Seuss: Matt Rose
Shakespeare: Clive Swift; Muriel Pavlow; Albert Finney; Peter Fonda
Shapeshifters (see also werewolves): Carmen Argenziano
Shrinking/growing/changing sizes: Dick Miller
The Simpsons: Luke Perry; Valerie Harper; Robert Forster
Sliders: Julie Adams; Stephanie Niznik
Jack Smight: Jan-Michael Vincent
Snakes: Carmen Argenziano
Snorks: Rip Taylor
Steven Spielberg: James Frawley; Dick Miller; William Morgan Sheppard; Matt Rose; Robert Forster
Space: Louisa Moritz; Aysen Gruda; Stanley Donen
Space Ghost: Daryl Dragon
Spawn: Robert Forster
Spider-Man: Cameron Boyce
Spiders: Stephanie Niznik
Stargate: Paul Koslo; Carmen Argenziano
Star Trek: Dick Miller; William Morgan Sheppard; Morgan Woodward; Matt Rose; Stephanie Niznik; Aron Eisenberg
Star Wars: William Morgan Sheppard, Peter Mayhew
Whitley Strieber: Albert Finney
Stunts: Dean Copkov
Superheroes: Stefanos Miltsakakis; Dick Miller; Paul Koslo; William Morgan Sheppard; Louisa Moritz; Julie Adams; Kristoff St. John; Dean Copkov; Bill Anagnos; Peter Tork; Gregg Rudloff; Morgan Woodward; Katherine Helmond; Luke Perry; Mitzi Hoag; Joseph Sirola; Matt Rose; David Hedison; Peter Fonda
Superman: Dick Miller; Gregg Rudloff; Cameron Boyce; David Hedison
Super Mario Bros.: Kaye Ballard
Supervillains: Joseph Sirola; Cameron Boyce
Suspended animation: Mitzi Hoag
Tales from the Crypt: Dick Miller; Aron Eisenberg
Tales from the Darkside: Dick Miller; Robert Forster
Tarzan: Morgan Woodward
Teen Titans: Gregg Rudloff
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Robert Forster
Terminator: Andrew G. Vajna; Dick Miller
3rd Rock from the Sun: Steve Bean
Thomas the Tank Engine: Peter Fonda
Time travel: Dick Miller; William Morgan Sheppard; Valerie Harper
Touched by an Angel: Valerie Harper
Transformers: William Morgan Sheppard; Robert Forster
True Blood: Katherine Helmond
Twilight Zone: James Frawley; Dick Miller
Twin Peaks: Linda Porter; Robert Forster
U.N.C.L.E.: Sid Haig
Universal Horror: Julie Adams
V: Dick Miller
Vampires; François Protat; Van Brockmann; Carmen Argenziano; Bruno Ganz; Lisa Sheridan; Larry Cohen; Peter Fonda
Ventriloquism: Kaye Ballard
Venus/Venusians: Dick Miller
Jules Verne: Peter Fonda
Videogames (including adaptations): Kaye Ballard; Rip Taylor
Virtual reality: Rip Taylor
Voice artists: Cameron Boyce; Valerie Harper
Kurt Vonnegut: Albert Finney
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: David Hedison
Warner Brothers: Dick Miller
Jay Ward: Sid Haig
Weird Science: Dick Miller
H.G. Wells: Daniel C. Striepeke
Werewolves: Dick Miller; William Morgan Sheppard; Matt Rose; Larry Cohen; Sid Haig
Westworld: Peter Fonda
Joss Whedon: Luke Perry
Wind in the Willows: Windsor Davies
Stan Winston: Matt Rose
Witches/witchcraft: Dick Miller; Peter Fonda
Wonder Woman: Kristoff St. John; Joseph Sirola; David Hedison
X-Files: Morgan Woodward; Linda Porter
Roger Zelazny: Jan-Michael Vincent
Rob Zombie: Sid Haig
Zombies: Dick Miller; Del Henney; Van Brockmann; Matt Rose

Decades affected:

1940s: Muriel Pavlow
1950s: Kaye Ballard; Dick Miller; Julie Adams; Albert Finney; Shane Rimmer; David Hedison; Valerie Harper
1960s: Windsor Davies; James Frawley; Dick Miller; Clive Swift; Julie Adams; Daniel C. Striepeke; Peter Tork; Stanley Donen; Morgan Woodward; Beverley Owen; Mitzi Hoag; Jan-Michael Vincent; Joseph Sirola; Shane Rimmer; David Hedison; Peter Fonda; Sid Haig; Rip Taylor
1970s: Verna Bloom; Kay Ballard; Windsor Davies; James Frawley; Dick Miller; Paul Koslo; William Morgan Sheppard; Clive Swift; Merwin Goldsmith; Louisa Moritz; Julie Adams; Kristoff St. John; Daniel C. Striepeke; François Protat; Albert Finney; Carmen Argenziano; Bruno Ganz; Stanley Donen; Morgan Woodward; Katherine Helmond; Mitzi Hoag; Jan-Michael Vincent; Joseph Sirola; Larry Cohen; Shane Rimmer; Peter Mayhew; David Hedison; Peter Fonda; Sid Haig; Rip Taylor
1980s: Carol Channing; Andrew G. Vajna: Kaye Ballard; Windsor Davies; Stefanos Miltsakakis; James Frawley; Dick Miller; Paul Koslo; William Morgan Sheppard; Clive Swift; Merwin Goldsmith; Louisa Moritz; Daniel C. Striepeke; Del Henney; François Protat; ; Bill Anagnos; Carmen Argenziano; Gregg Rudloff; Steve Bean; Stanley Donen; Morgan Woodward; Katherine Helmond; Luke Perry; Mitzi Hoag; Jan-Michael Vincent; Matt Rose; Larry Cohen; Shane Rimmer; Peter Mayhew; David Hedison; Peter Fonda; Valerie Harper; Sid Haig; Linda Porter; Aron Eisenberg; Rip Taylor
1990s: Carol Channing; Andrew G. Vajna: Kaye Ballard. Windsor Davies; Stefanos Miltsakakis; James Frawley; Dick Miller; Paul Koslo; William Morgan Sheppard; Louisa Moritz; Julie Adams; Dean Copkov; Daniel C. Striepeke; François Protat; Bill Anagnos; Daryl Dragon; Albert Finney; Carmen Argenziano; Gregg Rudloff; Steve Bean; Morgan Woodward; Katherine Helmond; Luke Perry; Jan-Michael Vincent; Matt Rose; Shane Rimmer; Peter Mayhew; Stephanie Niznik; Peter Fonda; Valerie Harper; Sid Haig; Linda Porter; Aron Eisenberg; Rip Taylor
2000s: Carol Channing; Andrew G. Vajna: Kay Ballard; Stefanos Miltsakakis; James Frawley; Dick Miller; William Morgan Sheppard; Clive Swift; Merwin Goldsmith; Aysen Gruda; Julie Adams; Kristoff St. John; Dean Copkov; François Protat; Bill Anagnos; Daryl Dragon; Albert Finney; Carmen Argenziano; Bruno Ganz; Peter Tork; Gregg Rudloff; Steve Bean; Lisa Sheridan; Katherine Helmond; Luke Perry; Brody Stephens; Matt Rose; Larry Cohen; Shane Rimmer; Peter Mayhew; Cameron Boyce; Stephanie Niznik; David Hedison; Peter Fonda: Sid Haig; Linda Porter; Rip Taylor
2010s: Bob Einstein; William Morgan Sheppard; Aysen Gruda; Dean Copkov; Del Henney; Van Brockmann; Bill Anagnos; Carmen Argenziano; Bruno Ganz; Gregg Rudloff; Steve Bean; Lisa Sheridan; Katherine Helmond; Luke Perry; King Kong Bundy; Brody Stephens; Matt Rose; Shane Rimmer; Peter Mayhew; Cameron Boyce; David Hedison; Peter Fonda; Valerie Harper; Sid Haig; Linda Porter; Aron Eisenberg; Rip Taylor; Bob Kingsley
2020s: Peter Fonda


Daryl Dragon (AKA The Captain of The Captain & Tennille) (GF1)

Reportedly died January 2, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: The Captain in the Sequel episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast (1999); Murray in Casper’s Scare School (2006)

Bob Einstein (GF1)

Reportedly died January 2, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Stuff in Strange Magic (voice) (2015)

Louisa Moritz (GF3)

Reportedly died January 4, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Chita in The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (voice) (1974); Myra in Death Race 2000; Beth in The Incredible Hulk (1980); Bar Lady at Sharkey’s in Galaxis (1995)

Gregg Rudloff (GF4)

Reportedly died January 6, 2019. Geek-friendly works as Sound Department include: This Is Spinal Tap (1984); The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension; Hyperspace; Starchaser: The Legend of Orin; Real Genius; Making Contact; House; The Adventures of the American Rabbit; House II: The Second Story; The Brave Little Toaster; The Princess Bride; World Gone Wild; DeepStar Six; Warlock; Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; The Little Mermaid; All Dogs Go to Heaven; Spaced Invaders (1990); Solar Crisis; The Rocketeer; Honey, I Blew Up the Kid; Stay Tuned; Needful Things; Space Jam; The Devil’s Advocate; The Postman; The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot; Soldier; The Matrix; Deep Blue Sea; An Extremely Goofy Movie; Battlefield Earth; Thir13en Ghosts (2001); Scooby-Doo; Ghost Ship; The Matrix Reloaded;  The Matrix Revolutions; Catwoman; Constantine; Superman Returns; The Reaping; The Invasion; Fred Claus; Speed Racer; Get Smart; Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010); Hereafter; The Rite;  Green Lantern; Pacific Rim; The Lego Movie; Mad Max: Fury Road; Death Note; Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

William Morgan Sheppard (GF4)

Reportedly died January 6, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include Gorlois in The Legend of King Arthur (1 episode: TV guest spot) (1979); Hospital Gardener in the Carpathian Eagle episode of Hammer House of Mirror; Ranulf in Hawk the Slayer; Bill’s Father in The Day of the Triffids (1981 miniseries); Alexandru in The Keep; Blank Reg in Max Headroom (TV movie) and on Max Headroom (TV series); Gray Wolf in Werewolf (TV guest spot);  Vincent Talbot in Elvira: Mistress of the Dark; Dr. Ira Graves in the The Schizoid Man episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV guest spot); Klingon Commander in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991); Gooshie, the Miner in the Mirror Image – August 8, 1953 episode of Quantum Leap; Sailor/Douglas/Man in The Legend of Prince Valiant (voice); Father Meehan in Needful Things; The Professor on SeaQuest 2032; Warleader G’Sten/The Soul Hunter on Babylon 5 (TV guest spots); Dum Dum Dugan on Iron Man (1995 animated series: voice); Lawrence Limburger on Biker Mice from Mars (65 episodes) (voice) and the 2006 reboot (3 episodes); Grave Digger in the The Fifth Sepulcher episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy;  Petros Xanatos/Odin/King Kenneth on Gargoyles (voice); Father Archer Roberts in Sometimes They Come Back…Again; Mr. Emmett in the To Hell and Back episode of American Gothic; Security Guard/Radar in the Runaways episode of Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles; Asteroth on Mighty Ducks (voice); Bishop Francois Malveaux in Zork: Nemesis; Andrew J. MacPhiles in the Clandestiny videogame (voice); Inspector Wells in the A Rip in Time episode of TimeCop; Qatai in the Bliss episode of Star Trek: Voyager; Captain Bloodbeard in the One Tought Bug/Pirates of Pumbzance episode of episode of Timon & Pumbaa; Lead Jackal in the Cheetahs Never Prosper episode of The Wild Thornberrys (voice) (2000); Heavy Gun Trooper / Ruulian Strip Miner in the Star Wars: Force Commander videogame (voice); Ignatius Cheese in Escape from Monkey Island videogame (voice); King Bernard in Friends Are Forever: Tales of the Little Princess; Peter Fargason on Hellsing (10 episodes); Merlin in the A Knight of Shadows episode of Justice League (voice); Merrill in the The Day the Magic Died episode of Charmed; Erik Hellstrom in Atlantis: Milo’s Return; Hirohisa Goto in Texhnolyze (voice); Toto Books Owner in R.O.D. TV (voice); Pink / Valya / Red in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (voice); Narrator on Kingdom Hospital (voice); Captain Witwicky in Tranformers; Father Marks in Over Her Dead Body; Daimyo / Assassin in Afro Samurai videogame (voice); Vulcan Science Minister in Star Trek (2009); Senator / Pavlo & more in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena videogame (voice); John Adams in The Conduit videogame (voice); The Big Guy in Prep & Landing (voice), Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer: Operation: Secret Santa (voice), and Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice (voice); Keeper on Legend of the Seeker (voice); Kris Kringle in Farewell Mr. Kringle; Captain Nemo in Mysterious Island (2010); Old Canton Delaware in the The Impossible Astronaut episode of Doctor Who; Sardath in the Earthlings episode of Young Justice; King in Arad; The Devil’s Dozen; Pops in April Apocalypse; Free Birds; Teddy Chislington in the And the Trial of the Triangle episode of The Librarians

Verna Bloom (GF2)

Reportedly died January 9, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Jenny in Where Have All the People Gone

Paul Koslo (GF4)

Reportedly died January 9, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Dutch in The Omega Man (1971); Commander Reeve in the A Dream of Jennifer episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1980); Billy Eheres in the Spaceball episode of Galactica 1980; The Incredible Hulk (2 episodes: TV guest spots); Bad B in the Hog Wild episode of The Greatest American Hero; Johnny Irons in the The Long Flight episode of Blue Thunder; Lyle Austin in the The Ice Bandits episode of Knight Rider: Skinner in the Twin Engines episode of Misfits of Science; Jan Baldt in the The Torch episode of Highway to Heaven; Alexander in Robot Jox; Dr. Alex Summerfield in Xtro II: The Second Encounter (1990); Haas in Solar Crisis; Johnny Ray Hix in the Sins of the Father episode of The Flash; Trevanian in Shadowchaser; Terok in the The Serpent’s Venom episode of Stargate: SG-1

Stefanos Miltsakakis (GF3)

Reportedly died January 9, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Xylo/Pirate/Bandit in Cyborg (1989); Nanny Arnold in the Who’s Who episode of Eerie, Indiana (TV guest spot) (1991); Frankenstein’s Monster in Waxwork II: Lost in Time; Mohawk in T-Force; Stavros in Daredevil (2003)

Del Henney (GF2)

Reportedly died January 14, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Colonel Archer in The Resurrection of the Daleks two-parter on Doctor Who (1984); Dr. Michael Brooke in Devil’s Playground (2010)

Bill Anagnos (GF3)

Reportedly died January 15, 2019. Geek-friendly works as stunts include: Wolfen (1981); Splash; Ghostbusters II; Body Snatchers (1993); Twelve Monkeys; The Devil’s Advocate; Godzilla (1998); Meet Joe Black; Lost Souls (2000); Little Nicky; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; 13 Going on 30; My Super Ex-Girlfriend; Meet Dave; Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian; Surrogates; Limitless (2011); Daredevil; Doctor Strange

Carol Channing (GF3)

Reportedly died January 15, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: The White Queen in Alice in Wonderland (TV movie 1985); Muddy in Happily Ever After (voice); Canina LaFur on Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (voice); Grandmama Addams on The Addams Family (1992 – voice); Wicked Witch & Elderly Woman on 2 Stupid Dogs (TV guest roles: voice); Ms. Fieldmouse in Thumbelina (voice); Cornelia C. Contralto II on The Magic School Bus (TV guest role voice); Carol Channing on Touched by an Angel (TV guest role); Fanny in The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars; Carol Channing on Family Guy (voice)

Windsor Davies (GF3)

Reportedly died January 17, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Charlie Pearson in the Death Begins at Seventy episode of Adam Adamant Lives! (TV guest spot) (1967); Toby in the The Evil of the Daleks arc of Doctor Who); Police Sergeant in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed); Morgan in The Cat with Ten Lives episode of UFO (TV guest spot) (1970); Gabrielle and the Doodleman (1984); Gryphon in Alice in Wonderland (voice); Rupert’s Father / Father Frog in Rupert and the Frog Song (voice);  Sergeant Major Zero on Terrahawks (39 episodes); Commissioner of Police in The Willows in Winter (1996); Polar Bear in The Animal Train (voice)

Daniel C. Striepeke (GF4)

Reportedly died in January 17, 2019. Geek-friendly works as makeup artist include: The Magic Sword (1962); Planet of the Apes; Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970); The Mephisto Waltz; Escape from the Planet of the Apes; Conquest of the Planet of the Apes; Sssssss (and writer); Planet of the Apes (TV series); Embryo; Beauty and the Beast (George C. Scott); The Island of Dr. Moreau; Condorman; Annie; Project X; Harry and the Hendersons; My Stepmother Is an Alien; The Green Mile; credited as special effects (“head re-creator: Mr. Milland and Mr. Grier”): The Thing with Two Heads

François Protat

Reportedly died January 18, 2019. Geek-friendly works as cinematographer include: Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1978); The Hitchhiker (3 episodes) (1983); Ghost Mom (1993); Brainscan; Johnny Mnemonic; The Haunting of Lisa; The Hunger (TV series) (1999-2000)

Muriel Pavlow (GF1)

Reportedly died January 19, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Ophelia in Hamlet (1947)

Van Brockmann

Reportedly died January 20, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Don in Vampires vs. Zombies (2013); Gilgamesh; GQ Businessman in Sensory Perceptions; Aaron in Ghosts vs. Monsters

Andrew G. Vajna (GF4)

Reportedly died January 20, 2019. Geek-friendly works as producer include: The Changeling (1980); Superstition, DeepStar Six; Total Recall (1990); Judge Dredd,;Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003); Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Terminator Salvation

Kaye Ballard (GF3)

Reportedly died January 21, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Stepsister Portia in Cinderella (TV special) (1957); Coach Betsy in Freaky Friday (1976); Madame Agogo in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (TV guest spot) (1989); Faye Ingram in the Rerun episode of Monsters (TV guest spot); Mother Earth/Mother Nature on The Munsters Today; Mrs. Treva Travalony on What a Dummy (1990); Mayor in Baby Geniuses; Queen Palooma in Little Insects (2000)

Steve Bean (GF2)

Reportedly died January 21, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include:Leland in the Good Morning, Peoria – September 9, 1959 episode of Quantum Leap (TV guest spot) (1989); Lester Dinkus in Mousehunt (1997); Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1 episode); Man in the Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun (TV guest spot) (2000); Roger in the Little Box of Horrors episode of Charmed (TV guest spot); Andy in Hot (2016)

Dean Copkov (GF3)

Reportedly died January 22, 2019. Geek-friendly works doing stunts/fight performer include: Starhunter (2000); Battle Queen 2020; Bulletproof Monk; Encrypt; Webs; Bugs; Gothika; Dawn of the Dead; Resident Evil: Apocalypse; Skinwalkers; The Incredible Hulk; Outlander; The Echo; Survival of the Dead; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010); Lost Girl; Pacific Rim; Carrie; RoboCop; Wolves; American Gods. Geek-friendly roles as actor: Popov’s Militia in Space Fury (1999); QJ-14 B in the The Grift episode of Mutant X; Cohen in Bugs; Chopper Pilot #2 in Resident Evil: Apocalypse; Diner Fight Guy #3 in Kick-Ass; Construction Worker #3 in the Insatiable episode of Warehouse 13; Matt Morganstern in the The Shooting episode of The Listener; Orderly #2 in Silent Hill: Revelation; Trapper in Wolves; Hooded Man in the Beast Interrupted episode of Beauty and the Beast

Merwin Goldsmith (GF1)

Reportedly died January 22, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Hercules in New York (1970); Moe Glickstein in Making Mr. Right (1987); Charlie in the Unholy (2007)

James Frawley (GF4)

Reportedly died January 22, 2019. Geek-friendly works as director include: The Monkees (28 episodes) (starting in 1966); The Big Bus (1976); The Muppet Movie; Mr. Merlin (2 episodes) (1982); Wizards and Warriors; Wishman; Faerie Tale Theatre (1 episode); Earth 2 (1 episode) (1995); American Gothic (2 episodes); The Book of Daniel (1 episode) (2006); Three Moons Over MIlford (3 episodes); Ghost Whisperer (4 episodes); geek-friendly roles as actor: Pvt. Robert Renaldo in the two-parter The Inheritors in the original The Twilight Zone (1964); Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (3 guest spots); Mr. Frisby in the Doggone Martian episode of My Favorite Martian (TV guest spot); 12 episodes of The Monkees; Waiter in The Muppet Movie; Bartender in the Triangle episode of American Gothic

Aysen Gruda (GF1)

Reportedly died January 23, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Safiye ana in Turks in Space (2006); Hasene in Bad Cat (voice) (2016)

Matt Rose (GF4)

Reportedly died January 25, 2019. Geek-friendly works in the make-up department and/or special effects include: Invaders from Mars (1986); Aliens; Amazing Stories; Star Slammer; Harry and the Hendersons; The Monster Squad; Beetlejuice; Alien Nation; Fright Night Part 2; Beauty and the Beast; Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990); The Rocketeer; Kung Fu Rascals; Wolf; Ed Wood; The Nutty Professor; Batman Forever; Batman & Robin; Mighty Joe Young; How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000); Planet of the Apes; When Zombies Attack!!; Men in Black; Men in Black II;  Hellboy; Hellboy II: The Golden Army; Men in Black 3; The Ring; Star Trek Beyond; Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow; Bright (2017); The Predator; The Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash

Michel Legrand (GF2)

Reportedly died January 26, 2019. Geek-friendly works as composer include: 1999 A.D. (1967); Donkey Skin (1970); The Smurfs and the Magic Flute; Gulliver’s Travels; Once Upon a Time…Man; Slapstick of Another Kind; Once Upon a Time…Space; Revenge of the Humanoids; Aaron’s Magic Village

Dick Miller (GF5)

Reportedly died January 30, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Sgt. Neil in It Conquered the World (directed by Roger Corman, with whom Miller would work many times) (1956);  Joe Piper in Not of This Earth; The Leper in The Undead; Dave Boyer in War of the Satellites; Fouch in The Little Shop of Horrors (1960); Greek Soldier in Atlas; Stefan in The Terror; Heckler in X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes; Chicken Gang in Death Race 2000 (1975); Buck Gardner in Piranha (directed by Joe Dante: they also would repeatedly work together); Police Chief in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School; Irsil / Orson in Dr Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980); Walter Paisley in The Howling; Factory Watchman in Heartbeeps; Broadcaster in Aftermath; Walter Paisley in Twilight Zone: The Movie; Crazy Mel in Space Raiders; Dan Pascal in V: The Final Battle; Murray Futterman in Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch; Pawn Shop Clerk in The Terminator; Seymour Furman in the All a Clone by the Telephone episode of Tales from the Darkside; Charlie Drake in Explorers; Walter Paisley in Chopping Mall; Walt in Night of the Creeps; Fred in The Greibble episode of Amazing Stories; Max King in Project X; Cab Driver in Innerspace; Danny Clayton in Amazon Women on the Moon; Vendor in the The Big Goodbye episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation; Garbageman in The ‘Burbs; Al Kramer in the The Light at the End of the Tunnel episode of Freddy’s Nightmares; Club Manager in Ghost Writer; Fosnight on The Flash (1990); Al in the The Losers episode of Eerie, Indiana; Burt in Evil Toons; Mr. Andersen in Amityville 1992: It’s About Time; Chuckie Sol in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (voice); Boxcars “Boxy” Bennett on Batman: The Animated Series; Mike Lane in the Church of Metropolis episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV guest spot); Vin in the Past Tense two parter on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Uncle Willy in Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight; Repairman in the Demon Lisa episode of Weird Science; Peddler in The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy; Joe in Small Soldiers; Bartender in Route 666 (2001); Security Guard in Looney Tunes: Back in Action; Oberon in the The Ties That Bind episode of Justice League Unlimited (voice); Eddie in Trail of the Screaming Forehead); Pizza Delivery Guy in The Hole


Clive Swift (GF3)

Reportedly died February 1, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Snug in a Midsummer Night’s Dream (1968); Dan in the The Exorcism episode Dead of Night (1972); Dr. Black in A Warning to the Curious; Machen in the The Classroom episode of The Frighteners; Bunny Nettleton in the The Dummy episode of Beasts; Tony Doran on 1990; Devine in the And Now for my Next Trick of Shadows; Hastie Lanyon in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1980); Ector in Excalibur; Latham in the Stranger in Town episode of Tales of the Unexpected; Lord Cerimon in Pericles, Prince of Tyre; Jobel in The Revelation of the Daleks two-parter on Doctor Who; St. John Court in the The Coffin episode of The Ray Bradbury Theatre; Alex Pardoe in the Doggy Business episode of Woof!; Illtud in Young Arthur (2005); Mr. Copper in the Voyage of the Damned episode of Doctor Who)…

Julie Adams (AKA Julia Adams) (GF5)

Reportedly died February 3, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Joe’s Mother in For Heaven’s Sake (scenes deleted) (1951); Kay Lawrence in Creature from the Black Lagoon; Capt. Jane Walker in Francis Joins the WACS; Helen Archer in the Epilogue episode of One Step Beyond; Dr. Monica Powers in The Underwater City (1962); Gay Melcor in the Miracle at Camafeo segment of Night Gallery (1972); Mrs. Walker in the Mr. R.I.N.G. episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker; Dr. Laura Scott in Psychic Killer; Ellen in the Life and Death episode of The Incredible Hulk; Old Maggie Beckett in the Roads Taken episode of Sliders (1999); Amelia in the A Tale of Two Cities episode of Lost (2006)

Kristoff St. John (GF2)

Reportedly died February 3, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Homer on Big John, Little John (1976); Linc in the The Bushwackers episode of Wonder Woman; Hospital Administrator in Spiritual Warriors (2007)

Albert Finney (GF 4)

Reportedly died February 8, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1959); Ebenezer Scrooge in Scrooge (1970); Dewey Wilson in Wolfen (1981); Dr. Larry Roberts in Looker; Daddy Warbucks in Annie; Maurice in The Green Man (1990); Daniel Feeld in Cold Lazarus; Kilgore Trout in Breakfast of Champions; Ed Bloom Sr. in Big Fish (2003); Finis Everglot in Corpse Bride

Carmen Argenziano (GF4)

Reportedly died February 10, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Night of the Cobra Woman (uncredited) (1972); Sam in Grave of the Vampire; Wheeler in Search for the Gods; King Kusari in the Long Live the King episode of The Bionic Woman (TV guest spot); Detective #1 in the The Music’s in Me episode of Mr. Merlin (TV guest spot) (1981); Dominguez in the A Quiet Funeral episode of Darkroom (TV guest spot); The Greatest American Hero (2 episodes) (TV guest spots); The Phoenix (2 episodes) (TV guest spot); Brancato in the The Accused episode of The Powers of Mathew Star (TV guest spot); Dagg Dibrimi in Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (voice); The Man Who Fell to Earth (TV movie); Tony in Remo Williams: The Prophecy; Lieutenant Grimes in First Power (1990); Russell Murdock/K.I.F.T. in Knight Rider 2000; Chief Pomeroy in the The Scoop episode of Viper; Urza Jaddo in the Knives episode of Babylon 5; Mr. Corleone / Boss in the Nightwoman episode of NightMan (TV guest spot); Captain in Hellraiser: Inferno; Delacroix in the Mail Call episode of Level 9 (TV guest spot) (2000); Selmak / Jacob Carter on Stargate SG-1 (25 episodes); Rico in Angels with Angles; Commander Murphy in Meteor; ICE Agent in Charge in the Queen Sacrifice episode of Flashforward (TV guest spot) (2010); Saint Peter in Death Interrupted; The Devil in Professor Phillips and the Devil; Vincent in The Labyrinth; Damien Walsh in Singularity; Grandfather in Future World

Joseph Sirola (GF3)

Reportedly died February 10, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Charley in the Give ‘Em Enough Rope episode of The Green Hornet (1966); Get Smart (2 episodes), Doctor Doom on Fantastic Four (3 episodes) (voice); George Simpson in Visions (1972); Benjamin Sposato in the The Zombie episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker; Charlie Hughes in Seizure; Harrison Fynch in Phantom of the Roller Coaster two-parter of Wonder Woman

Jan-Michael Vincent (GF4)

Reportedly died February 10, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Lincoln “Link” Simmons on The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (9 episodes) (1968); Nanu in The World’s Greatest Athlete (1973); Mike in Shadow of the Hawk; Tanner in Damnation Alley; Stringfellow Hawke in Airwolf (TV movie, TV series – 55 episodes), Airwolf II; Brightmore in Tarzan in Manhattan (1989); Commander in Alienator (1990); Andy Buck in Deathstone; Dr. Ron Shepherd in Xtro II: The Final Encounter; Detective James Trent in Haunting Fear; Riff in Lethal Orbit; Zepp in Jurassic Women

Bruno Ganz (GF3)

Reportedly died February 15, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Professor Bruckner in The Boys from Brazil (1978); Jonathan Harker in Nosferatu the Vampyre; Delp in The Manchurian Candidate (2004); Golem (listed as in pre-production in 2019)

Beverley Owen (GF3)

Reportedly died February 21, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Marilyn Munster on the Munsters (15 episodes)

Peter Tork (GF2)

Reportedly died February 21, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Peter on The Monkees (which included fantasy elements and, rarely, the band as superheroes) (58 episodes) (1966); Peter in Head; Mr. Geary in Cathedral Pines (2006); cameo appearance in The Junior Defenders

Stanley Donen (GF3)

Reportedly died February 21, 2019. Geek-friendly works as director include: Damn Yankees (1960); Bedazzled (1967); The Little Prince (1974); Saturn 3 (1980)

Brody Stevens (GF1)

Reportedly died February 22, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Eldon Endicott in I’ll Believe You (2006); Guardian of the Mountain in the The Mountain episode of Adventure Time (voice) (2015); Priest in the Android Frandroid episode of American Dad! (voice)

Morgan Woodward (GF4)

Reportedly died February 22, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Blaine in the King of the Dwsari episode of Tarzan (1966) (TV guest spot); Dr. Simon van Gelder in the Dagger of the Mind episode of Star Trek: The Original Series/Captain Tracey in the The Omega Glory episode of Star Trek: The Original Series (TV guest spots); Kung Fu (2 episodes) (1973/74); Martin in the The Horse Race episode of Planet of the Apes (TV guest spot); T.B. Trenton in Supervan; Morgan on Logan’s Run (3 episodes); Carlton Tanner in the Sighting 4009: The French Incident episode of Project U.F.O.; Ben Madrid in the Vendetta Road episode of The Incredible Hulk; Hutchinson in the Dry Spell episode of Salvage 1; Cayman in Battle Beyond the Stars (1980); Sheriff Winston in the Knight Moves episode of Knight Rider; Old Harry Cokely in the Aubrey episode of The X-Files; Iron Lung Man in the Force Majeure episode of Millennium (1997)

Katherine Helmond (GF3)

Reportedly died February 23. Geek-friendly roles include: Middy in the The White Lightning War episode of The Six Million Dollar Man (1975); Dr. Harkens in the Deadly Ringer two-parter of The Bionic Woman; Mrs. Ogre in Time Bandits (1981); Jack’s Mother in the Jack and the Beanstalk episode of Faerie Tale Theatre; Mrs. Ida Lowry in Brazil; Amanda in Lady in White; Connie Stromwell in the It’s Never Too Late episode of Batman: The Animated Series (1992); Aunt Minverva on The Elvira Show; Maude Marley in Ms. Scrooge; Dugong in the Reef Grief episode of The Wild Thornberrys; Carlotta in Mr. St Nick; Lizzie in Cars, Cars 2 (2011), Cars 3, Mater’s Tall Tales; Tales from Radiator Springs, & videogames; Caroline Bellefleur in the I’m Alive and On Fire episode of True Blood; Mildred in the My Fair Rebound episode of Pound Puppies

Lisa Sheridan (GF3)

Reportedly died February 25. Geek-friendly roles include: Chloe Tanner on FreakyLinks (13 episodes) (2000); Larkin Groves on Invasion (22 episodes); Shannon in the Try the Pie episode of The 4400 (TV guest spot); Julia Stevens in the Out of the Past episode of Moonlight; Dr. Theresa Sanchez on Journeyman (6 episodes); Holly Carter in A Christmas Eve Miracle; Kim Sweet in Strange Nature (2018)

Mitzi Hoag (GF3)

Reportedly died February 26. Geek-friendly roles include: Sears’ Secretary in the The House That Needed a Carpenter episode of The Second Hundred Years (1968); Pauline in the Funny Fellow episode of Good Heavens (1976); Chief Nurse in the Life and Death episode of The Incredible Hulk; Mrs. Bradley in the Rodeo/Cop episode of Time Express; Vance’s Secretary in The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981); Margaret Hickey in the The Good Doctor episode of Highway to Heaven (1985)


King Kong Bundy (GF1)

Reportedly died March 4. Geek-friendly roles include: Baby Arty the Snow Fairy in Pororo, the Snow Fairy Village Adventure (2014)

Luke Perry (GF4)

Reportedly died March 4. Geek-friendly roles include: Union Prisoner in the The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln episode of Voyagers! (TV guest spot) (1982); Pike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie) (1992); Luke Perry in the Krusty Gets Kancelled episode of The Simpsons (voice); Napoleon Brie on Biker Mice from Mars (6 episodes) (voice) and the 2007 version (1 episode) (voice); Sub-Zero on Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm (13 episodes) (voice); Billy in The Fifth Element; Rick Jones on The Incredible Hulk (10 episodes) (voice); Beau Stark in Invasion (2 episodes); Dr. Ron Young in Storm; Brom Bones in The Night of the Headless Horseman (voice); Luke Perry in the Luke Perry’s Guide to Love segment of Johnny Bravo (voice) (2000); Dr. Michael Sears in the Now He’s Coming Up the Stairs segment of Night Visions; Stu Sheridan in The Triangle; Ponce de Leon in the Litter Kills: Literally episode of Clone High (voice); Jeremiah on Jeremiah (34 episodes); Dr. Jack Rollins in Descent; Dr. Chris Richardson in Supernova; Commander James O’Neill in Silent Venom; Stillman in The Storm; Jacob in the The Architect episode of Generator Rex (voice); Fang in the Rebel without a Collar episode of Pound Puppies (voice) (2011); Lorash in Dudes & Dragons; Jeffrey in It’s Gawd!

Larry Cohen (GF5)

Reportedly died March 23. Geek-friendly works as director include: It’s Alive (and producer, writer) (1974); God Told Me To (and producer, writer); It Lives Again (and producer, writer); Full Moon High (and producer, writer) (1981); Q (and producer, writer); The Stuff (and producer, writer); It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive (and producer, writer); A Return to Salem’s Lot (and producer); Wicked Stepmother (and producer, writer); Masters of Horror (1 episode) (2006) As writer: the False Face episode of ‘Way Out; Scream Baby Scream; Body Snatchers

Shane Rimmer (GF4)

Reportedly died March 29. Geek-friendly roles include: John McLaren in The Day the Sky Exploded (uncredited) (1958); Seth Harper on Doctor Who (2 episodes) (1966); Scott Tracy (and Director of Photography/Reactor Control Assistant/Carter/Radar Operator/Scanners/Washington/TX 204 Co-pilot) on Thunderbirds (32 episodes) and Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6 (voice) and Thunderbirds (2015); Sergeant/Pilot/Confused Partygoer/Mason on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (4 episodes) (voice); Radio Control/Colonel Henderson/Taxi Driver/Gardner/Kelly/Kent on Joe 90 (5 episodes) (voice); CIA Agent/Lt Bill Johnson/Alien/Seagull X-Ray Co-pilot on UFO (3 episodes) (1970); Hamilton in Live and Let Die (uncredited); Rusty, Team Executive in Rollerball; Eagle Pilot/Voice of Bannion/James Kelly/Maintenance Section Voice on Space: 1999; InCom Engineer in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (uncredited); Bob Grodin in Alternative 3; Hogan in The People That Time Forgot; Captain Daniels in Warlords of the Deep; Naval Transport Commander in Superman (uncredited); Abu in Arabian Adventure; Controller #2 in Superman II (1980); Tales of the Unexpected (2 episodes); Arthur Jelinek in The Hunger; State Policeman in Superman III; Redneck (Melvin) in Morons from Outer Space; General Quigley in Space (Part I and Part III); Mr. Marl in Dreamchild; Marvin Gelber (US Secretary of State) in Whoops Apocalypse; Lieutenant Chuck Brogan in Space Police; Coach in a Kid in King Arthur’s Court; E.J. Saggs in Space Truckers; Tantive Base Operative in The War of the Starfighters (voice) (2003); Older Gotham Water Board Technician in Batman Begins; Bob Anderson in Mee-Shee: The Water Giant; Colonel in Alien Autopsy; Board Member 1 in Dark Shadows (2012); Anderson in Darkwave: Edge of the Storm; Louie on The Amazing World of Gumball (4 episodes); Tbc in Firestorm


Terry Rawlings  (listing in progress)

Reportedly died April 23. Geek-friendly works as editor include: Alien

Frank Henson  (listing in progress)

Reportedly died April 25. Geek-friendly works include: stunts: Star Wars: Episode IV

Jessie Lawrence Ferguson  (listing in progress)

Reportedly died April 26. Geek-friendly roles include Eddie Black in Darkman

Conrado San Martín (listing in progress)

Reportedly died April 26. Geek-friendly roles include: Husband in Vampyres

Jo Sullivan (listing in progress)

Reportedly died April 28. Geek-friendly roles include: Jane Piper in Babes in Toyland

Peter Mayhew  (GF5)

Reportedly died April 30. Geek-friendly roles include: Chewbacca in Star Wars: Episode IV; on Donny and Marie; in The Star Wars Holiday Special; on The Muppet Show; in The Empire Strikes Back; in Return of the Ewok; in Return of the Jedi; in Star Tours (uncredited); in Revenge of the Sith; on Late Show with David Letterman; in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (1 episode) (voice); on Glee (1 episode); in The Force Awakens; in Star Wars: Battlefront; Minoton in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (uncredited); The Mechanic in Terror; The Tall Knight on Dark Towers (5 episodes); Susha in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy (voice)


Bobby Diamond

Reportedly died May 15. Geek-friendly roles include: Private Pip in the In Praise of Pip episode of The Twilight Zone (TV guest spot); listing in progress

John Ronane

Reportedly died May 15. Geek-friendly roles include: Charles Graydon in the The Market Price episode of 1990 (TV guest spot); listing in progress

Ashley Massaro

Reportedly died May 16. Geek-friendly roles include: Athena on Smallville (1 episode) (TV guest spot); listing in progress

Luz Kertz

Reportedly died May 17. Geek-friendly roles include: Soledad in The Second Death; listing in progress

Sammy Shore

Reportedly died May 19. Geek-friendly roles include: Lou in the Stanley the Safecracker episode of Mr. Terrific (TV guest spot); listing in progress

Andrew Hall

Reportedly died May 20. Geek-friendly roles include The Gentleman on Blood Drive (4 episodes); listing in progress


Milton Quon

Reportedly died June 18. Geek friendly works as animator include: Fantasia; Dumbo; as actor: Korean Man in the Along Came a Spider episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; listing in progress

Bill Collins

Reportedly died June 20. Geek-friendly roles include: Doctor #1 in Howling III; listing progress

Eddie Garcia

Reportedly died June 20. Geek-friendly roles include: Lolo Gimo on Third Eye (13 episodes); listing in progress

Elliot Roberts

Reportedly died June 21. Geek-friendly roles include: Cowboy Elliott in Paradox; listing in progress

William Simons

Reportedly died June 21. Geek-friendly roles include: Mandrel on Doctor Who (4 episodes); listing in progress

Stephanie Niznik

Reportedly died June 23. Geek-friendly roles include: Maggie Bryce in the The Rig episode of The Sentinel (1996); Debra Carbol in the Sole Survivors episode of Sliders); C.C. in The Guardian; Dr Roget in Mr. Murder; Kelly Short in Emma’s Wish; Erika in Inferno; Perim in Star Trek: Insurrection; Lena Weisinger on Viper (2 episodes); Alexandra in Spiders II: Breeding Ground (2001); Dr KC Caban in Epoch; The Wraith in the Rogue Planet episode of Star Trek: Enterprise; Delia Slater in the Two Ministers episode of Eli Stone; Dr. Evelyn Ariza in the The Little Prince episode of Lost

Billy Drago

Reportedly died June 24. Geek-friendly roles include: Barbas on Charmed (7 episodes); listing in progress

 Ben Barenholtz

Reportedly died June 26. Geek-friendly works as producer include: Martin; listing in progress

Edith Scob

Reportedly died June 26. Geek-friendly roles include: Gabrielle in Love at Second Sight; listing in progress

Tadao Takashima

Reportedly died June 26. Geek-friendly roles include: Osamu Sakurai in King Kong vs. Godzilla; listing in progress

Mark Montgomery

Reportedly died June 27. Geek-friendly roles include: Daryll on The Curse of Dracula (3 episodes); listing in progress

Kaj Pindal

Reportedly died June 28. Geek-friendly works as animator include: Peep and the Big Wide World; listing in progress


Ennio Guarnieri

Reportedly died July 1. Geek-friendly works as cinematographer include: The New Adventures of Pinocchio; listing in progress

Sid Ramin

Reportedly died July 1. Geek-friendly works in the music department include: Demolition Man; listing in progress

Arte Johnson

Reportedly died July 3. Geek-friendly roles include: Renfield in Love at First Bite; Devil Smurf on the Smurfs; listing in progress

Cameron Boyce  (GF4)

Reportedly died July 6. Geek-friendly roles include: Carlos (son of Cruella de Vil) in Descendants; Descendants: Wicked World (voice – 13 episodes); Descendants 2; Descendants 3; various Descendants shorts; Michael Carson in Mirrors; Young Jasper James in the Origins episode of The LXD: The League of Extraordinary Dancers; Luke Ross in the Halloween Night at the Museum episode of Ultimate Spider-Man (voice); Jake / ChillyZack on Jake and the Never Land Pirates (37 episodes); Conor on Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything (37 episodes); Herman Schultz / Shocker in the Osborn Academy episode of Spider-Man (voice)

Freddie Jones (GF4)

Reportedly died July 9. Geek-friendly roles include: Thufir Hawat in Dune; listing in progress

Rip Torn (GF4)

Reportedly died July 9. Geek-friendly roles include: Zed in Men in Black; listing in progress

Denise Nickerson

Reportedly died July 10. Geek-friendly roles include: Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

David Hedison (GF4)

Reportedly died July 18. Geek-friendly roles include: Andre Delambre in The Fly (1958); Ed Malone in The Lost World (1960); Captain Lee Crane on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (110 episodes); William Searle in the Somewhere in a Crowd episode of Journey to the Unknown (TV guest spot); (Felix) Leiter in Live and Let Die (1973) and Licence to Kill (1989); Professor Roger Edmonds in The Cat Creature (TV movie); Evan Robley in the The Queen and the Thief episode of Wonder Woman (TV guest spot); Frederick Flanagan in the Sighting 4011: The Dollhouse Incident episode of Project U.F.O. (TV guest spot); Danton in The Power Within (TV movie); 6 episodes of Fantasy Island; Theodore Cooper in the Knight in Retreat episode of Knight Rider (1985); Daniel Alexander in Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 (2001); William in Spectres; Jor El in Superman and the Secret Planet (2013)

Rutger Hauer (GF4)

Reportedly died July 19. Geek-friendly roles include: The King in Repelsteeltje (1973); Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1982); Navarre in Ladyhawke; Sallow in the Blood of Heroes; Harley Stone in Split Second (1991); Lothos in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Mystic Monk in Nostradamus; Doctor Rue Wakeman in Mr. Stitch; A.T. in Crossworlds; Omega Doom in Omega Doom; Bog in the Eating Pattern episode of Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (TV guest spot); Dr. Marlowe in Bleeders; John Anderson Wade in Redline; Patrick Collins in The Ruby Ring; King Vortigern on Merlin (2 episodes); listing in progress

Russi Taylor (GF4)

Reportedly died July 26. Geek-friendly roles include: Strawberry Shortcake in The World of Strawberry Shortcake  (1980) and on Strawberry Shortcake; Doll Voice in The Private Eyes; Pebbles Flintstone and Cavemouse on The Flintstone Comedy Hour (19 episodes); Barbie Winslow on Heathcliff (13 episodes); listing in progress


Peter Fonda (GF4)

Reportedly died August 16, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Baron Wilhelm Berlifitzing in Spirits of the Dead (1968); Chuck Browning in Futureworld (1976); Gonzy Traumerai in It’s All Right, My Friend (1983); Harry Bediker in Dance of the Dwarfs; Dr. Tom Brasilian in Spasms; Dracula / Dr. Van Helsing in Nadja (1994); Pipeline in Escape from L.A.; Gideon Prosper in The Tempest; Grandpa Burnett Stone in Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000); Dr. Austin Shepherd in Supernova; Mephistopheles in Ghost Rider; Thomas Carrier in The Gathering; Edward Dennison in Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008); Lawrence Fortis (Revolution); Skylar in Skate God (2020)

Terrance Dicks (GF5)

Reportedly died August 29, 2019. Geek-friendly works as writer include: Moonbase 3 (1 episode) (1973); Space:1999 (1 episode); Doctor Who (23 episodes); Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans; Mindgame; Mindgame: Trilogy; as producer: Alice in Wonderland; listing in process

Valerie Harper (GF3)

Reportedly died August 30, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Luke’s Wife in Li’l Abner (uncredited) (1959); Laura in Go to Sleep (1982); Chicken in Dog’s Best Friend (voice) (1997); Townspeople in Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (voice) (1998); Students/Girl Emcee/Dream Crowd on Generator Gawl (3 episodes) (voice); Kate Prescott on Touched by an Angel (2 episodes); Bobbi Moreau in My Future Boyfriend (2011); Judge Leslie Singer on Drop Dead Diva (2 episodes); Mrs. Butterworth & other voices on The Simpsons (7 episodes); IHOP Diner & another voice on American Dad! (2 episodes)


Aron Eisenberg

Reportedly died September 21, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Brian Evans in Amityville: The Evil Escapes (1989); Scott McCarthy in The Horror Show; Daniel in Playroom (1990); Teen Boy in Prayer of the Rollerboys; Aaron in the Undertaking Palor episode of Tales from the Crypt (1 episode); Peter Hertz in Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge; Jerry on The Secret World of Alex Mack (2 episodes); Kar in the Initiations episode of Star Trek: Voyager; Tommy Chandler in Pterodactyl Woman of Beverly Hills; Male Panelist in Brave New World; Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (47 episodes) and in Star Trek Online (videogame) (2010); Curly in Cozmo’s; Raejin Tektonopolis on Blade of Honor (5 episodes); Fnaxnor in Star Trek: Renegades (1 episode) and on Renegades (2 episodes)

Sid Haig (GF5)

Reportedly died September 21, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Abdul in Blood Bath (1966); Royal Apothecary on Batman (2 episodes); The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2 episodes); First Lawgiver in The Return of the Archons episode of Star Trek: The Original Series (TV guest spot); Ralph in Spider Baby; Senor Quesada in The Flying Nun (TV guest spot); Guard/Bruce/Turk in Get Smart (3 episodes, TV guest spots); NCH in THX 1138 (1971); Zed in Beware! The Blob (uncredited); Gregarious in Wonder Women; East Eddie in Beyond Atlantis; 3rd Passenger on The Six Million Dollar Man (1 episode, TV guest spot); Fur Smuggler in Wonderbug (1 episode, TV guest spot); Chief Running Nose in Monster Squad (1 episode, TV guest spot); The Genie on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (2 episodes); Dragos on Jason of Star Command (28 episodes) and in Tarzan and the Super 7 (1 episode, TV guest spot);  Quuhod in Galaxy of Terror (1981); Pratt/Spirot in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (2 episodes, TV guest spots); Cutter in The Aftermath; Otto/Harlen/Hakeem in Fantasy Island (3 episodes, TV guest spots); 1st Gang Member in Automan (1 episode, TV guest spot); Swarthy Man in Misfits of Science (1 episode, TV guest spot); Thug in Amazing Stories (1 episode, TV guest spot); Bud Topolski in Werewolf (1 episode, TV guest spot); Hephaestus in Goddess of Love; The Warlord in Warlords; Donar in Wizard of the Lost Kingdom II; Colonel Gorda in Boris and Natasha (1992); Captain Spaulding in House of 1000 Corpses (2003), The Devil’s Rejects, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, 3 from Hell;  Professor Curien in House of the Dead 2; Professor Curien in Night of the Living Dead 2; Roy “The Word” Donahue in The Haunted Casino; Chester Chesterfield in Halloween; Pashek in Brotherhood of Blood; Crazy Louis in Dark Moon Rising; Simkin in Chadam (2010); Chopper in Creature; Alfonso Betz in Mimesis; Dr. Gardner in The Inflicted; Dean Magnus in The Lords of Salem; The Stranger in The Sacred; Abbott MacMullen in Hatchet III; Iggy in Devil in My Ride; Shopkeeper in The Penny Dreadful Picture Show; Zombex in The Commander; Icicle Killer in Death House;  Zeek in Tabbotts Traveling Carnivale of Terrors

Linda Porter

Reportedly died September 27, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Elizabeth in Beauty and the Beast (1 episode) (1988); Painter in Twins; Elderly Woman in the Drive episode of The X-Files (1998); Mother Character in Good vs. Evil (1 episode); The Wise Old Woman in The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human; The Phantom Eye; Mrs. Crabbleman (Dude, Where’s My Car?) (2000); Grandma Berwick in Phil of the Future (1 episode); Southern Beauty in The Karate Dog; Gertie Grossman in That’s So Raven (1 episode); Mary on American Horror Story (1 episode); Family Guy (voice) (1 episode); Mrs. Rose in Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday; Lady Slot-Addict on Twin Peaks: The Return (3 episodes) (2017);


Rip Taylor (GF4)

Reportedly died October 6, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Glick/Manager in The Monkees (2 episodes) (TV guest spots) (1966); The Grump on Here Comes the Grump (voice) (unknown episodes, approximately 30); Sheldon the Sea Genie on Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (13 episodes) (1973); Mr. Jo in Chatterbox; C.J. in Scooby Goes Hollywood (voice); Stanley McCloud on Down to Earth (unknown episodes); The Jetsons (1 episode in 1985) (voice); Rip Taylor in The Charmings (1 episode) (TV guest spot); Popeye and Son (voice) (13 episodes); Snorks (voice) (2 episodes); genie in DuckTales: the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990) (voice); Captain Kiddie in Tom and Jerry: the Movie; Uncle Fester on The Addams Family (1992 animated) (21 episodes) (voice); Garfield and Friends (2 episodes) (voice); Wacky Weasel (1 episode) (voice); Venus Flytrap/additional voices in A Flintstones Christmas Carol (voice); Pitchman in Virtual Combat; Chief Undersecretary Wartle in Zork: Grand Inquisitor (videogame) (voice); Mr. Mcmcmc in Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (1 episode) (voice) (2002); Mr. Wackypants in What’s New, Scooby-Doo? (1 episode) (voice); Mr. Smiley/Ghost of Senor Otero in Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico (voice); Horrifying Monster in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (1 episode) (voice); King in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (1 episode) (voice); Larry in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (1 episode) (2007) (voice); The Royal Record Keeper/The Royal Judge on The Emperor’s New School (17 episodes); Magic Genie in The Aquabats! Super Show! (1 episode) (voice) (2012)

Robert Forster (GF4)

Reportedly died October 11, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Paul Corwin/Clone in The Darker Side of Terror (1979); Captain Dan Holland (The Black Hole); David in Alligator (1980); Garry Cooley in the The Milkman Cometh episode of Tales from the Darkside (TV guest spot) (1987); Gumshoe on Once a Hero (3 episodes); Lou Cherney in Satan’s Princess; Yates in Peacemaker (1990); Vinnie in In Between; Dr. Powell in Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence; Captain Jack Bitters in Scanner Cop II; Major Vosburg on Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (3 episodes) (voice); A.J. Marley in Supernova (2000); Jack Chapman/Police Officer on Godzilla: The Series (1 episodes) (voice); The President on Justice League Unlimited (2 episodes) (voice); Lloyd in Rise: Blood Hunter; Jack in Dragon Wars: D-Wars; Lucky Jim on the Sex, Pies and Idiot Scapes episode of The Simpsons (voice); Arthur Petrelli on Heroes (10 episodes); Sergeant Volkom in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past; Ray Archer on Alcatraz (4 episodes) (2012); General Bryce in the Grill episode of Transformers Prime (voice); Frank Shepard in Intruders (2 episodes); Robert Bold in Automata; Jack Kurtzman on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 episodes) (voice); Sheriff Frank Truman on Twin Peaks (10 episodes); Dynoman and the Volt episode of Amazing Stories

Alexey Leonov (GF1)

Reportedly died October 11, 2019. Actual Russian cosmonaut. Geek-friendly roles include: The Orion Loop (1981)

Bob Kingsley (GF1)

Reportedly died October 17, 2019. Geek-friendly roles include: Marcus & The Mystery of The Pudding Pans (2019)



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