To the person who didn’t want to rain on my parade…

To the person who didn’t want to rain on my parade…

Thank you.

I appreciate the concern, I really do.

I don’t think of my writing as a parade, though. A parade is something designed to show off what already exists. Certainly, rain can ruin that exhibition. It can keep people from showing up, from lining the street, staying motionless while the putative wonders flow by.

I think of my writing as more of a farmers’ market. I have an Idea Farm. Not all the seeds I plant grow, and I can’t always predict how they’ll turn out, despite my careful attention. Others I abandon or ignore, and they wither or lay dormant.

One thing that all plants and ideas need to develop to where someone else will want to partake of them: rain.

For plants, that is literally water. For ideas, it is challenges to them. An uncriticized idea doesn’t grow, isn’t tested, won’t incorporate anything to make it bigger and stronger.

Of course, plants and ideas also need sun. Ideas need encouragement: non-stop rain can wash them away.

So, thank you: both for your empathy and for giving my idea respect by taking it for a mental spin through the future, pointing out where you see potential threats…and letting me know. You didn’t see it as unworthy of exploration, or me as incapable of change or learning from other’s wisdom.

Bring on the rain and the sun…ideas need both to grow.

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This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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