Ends in 8: geeky anniversaries in 2018

Ends in 8: geeky anniversaries in 2018

Hey, little Ten Toes! Humans (at least those using the decimal system) like to observe anniversaries by the decade. This is a brief list of some of the geeky anniversaries happening this year. It is in no way comprehensive, and we certainly may add to it (and invite you to make suggestions by commenting on the post).

This year, we’ve also decided to approach this a bit differently, and arrange them by the day of the year, rather by the length of the anniversary. While I like pointing out the number of geek-friendly movie favorites released in 1988, for example, I think it will be easier for people to be aware of an anniversary based on the day of the year. I’ll try to highlight the big ones. Let me know if you like it this way better…

Oh, and after internal debate, I decided not to list the birthdates of living celebrities. Some of them may not like having their ages highlighted in this way.

  • January 2: Red Dwarf debuts (1978-40th anniversary)
  • January 3: Jeanne Dixon born (1918-100th anniversary) (psychic)
  • January 3: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series debut (1993-25th anniversary)
  • January 7: Captain Thomas Mantell dies pursuing a UFO (1948)
  • January 8: William Hartnell born (1908) (Doctor Who actor)
  • January 8: Leprechaun opens (1993-25th anniversary)
  • January 13: Bud Westmore born (1918-100th anniversary) (makeup artist)
  • January 13: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series debut (2008-10th anniversary)
  • January 18: Cloverfield opens (2008-10th anniversary)
  • January 28: Fantasy Island debuts (1978-40th anniversary)
  • February: Famous Monsters of Filmland first published (1958)
  • February 1: George Pal born (1908)
  • February 8: Planet of the Apes opens (1968-50th anniversary)
  • February 12: Groundhog Day opens (1993-25th anniversary)
  • February 14: Jumper  (2008-10th anniversary)
  • February 15: Red Dwarf series debut (1988-30th anniversary)
  • February 22: Babylon 5 series debut (1993-25th anniversary)
  • February 26: Theodore Sturgeon born (1918-100th anniversary)
  • February 27: Dark City opens (1998-20th anniversary)
  • March 10: The Incredible Hulk debuts (1978-40th anniversary)
  • March 11: Frankenstein published (1818-200th anniversary)
  • April 6: 2001: A Space Odyssey opens (1968-50th anniversary)
  • May 8: Dracula (AKA Horror of Dracula) (1958-USA release date) (start of the Hammer horror cycle)
  • May 8: Deep Impact (1998-20th anniversary)
  • May 19: Attack of the 50-Foot Woman opens (1958)
  • April 16: My Neighbor Tortoro opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • April 26: Stafford Repp (1918-100th anniversary)
  • April 29: Jack Williamson born (1908)
  • May 2: Iron Man opens (2008-10th anniversary) (start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • May 12: Earth Girls Are Easy opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • May 27th: Killer Klowns from Outer Space opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • June: Superman makes his first comic book appearance (1938)
  • June: Lois Lane makes her first comic book appearance (1938)
  • June 1: Revenge of Frankenstein opens (1958)
  • June 3: Big opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • June 6: Kung Fu Panda opens (2008-10th anniversary)
  • June 18: Bud Collyer born (1908) (Superman actor)
  • June 22: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988-30th anniversary)
  • June 23: Coneheads opens (1993-25th anniversary)
  • June 27: WALL-E opens (2008-10th anniversary)
  • July 2: Hancock opens (2008-10th anniversary)
  • July 16: Akira opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • July 18th: The Dark Knight opens (2008-10th anniversary)
  • August 5: The Blob remake opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • August 18: Evelyn Ankers born (1918-100th anniversary)
  • August 28: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuts in the USA (1993-25th anniversary)
  • September: Brother Power makes his first comic book appearance (1968-50th anniversary)
  • September: Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone is published in the USA (1998-20th anniversary)
  • September 7: Queen of Outer Space opens (1958)
  • September 7: The Banana Splits Adventure Hour debuts on TV (1968)
  • September 7: Battlestar Galactica series debut (1978-40th anniversary)
  • September 7: True Blood series debut (2008-10th anniversary)
  • September 9: Fringe series debut (2008-10th anniversary)
  • September 10: The X-Files series debut (1993-25th anniversary)
  • September 12: The Blob opens (1958)
  • September 30: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • October 1: Night of the Living Dead opens (1968-50th anniversary)
  • October 3: Star Wars: The Clone Wars series debut (2008-10th anniversary)
  • October 7: Alien Nation opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • October 7: Charmed series debut (1998-20th anniversary)
  • October 10: Barbarella opens (1968-50th anniversary)
  • October 25: Halloween opens (1978-40th anniversary)
  • November: Adam Strange makes his first comic book appearance (1958)
  • November 3: Jean Rollin born (1938)
  • November 4: They Live (1988-30th anniversary)
  • November 9: Child’s Play opens (1988-30th anniversary) (1st appearance of Chucky)
  • November 18: The Land Before Time opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • November 18: Oliver & Company opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • November 21: Twilight opens (2008-10th anniversary)
  • November 23: Scrooged opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • November 24: Mystery Science Theater 3000 series debut (1988-30th anniversary)
  • November 29: Madeleine L’Engle born (1918-100th anniversary)
  • November 29: C.S. Lewis born (1898)
  • December 9: Twins opens (1988-30th anniversary)
  • December 25: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button opens (2008-10th anniversary)

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