In Memoriam 2017: we’ve said well over 100 Geeky Good-byes this year; here are five of them

In Memoriam 2017: we’ve said well over 100 Geeky Good-byes this year; here are five of them

“I happen to be a gentle person. I prefer life to death, peace to war, tranquility, order, plants that blossom, small beings that produce pleasant sounds, the feeling wind gives, all such things.”
–Peot, the Guardian
written by Alan Dean Foster


2017 Geeky Good-byes

lists over 130 people at the time of writing, and unfortunately, will undoubtedly go over 150 when all have been entered.

We have that page to recognize the contributions of all of them to geek culture.

In this post, I’m going to highlight five of the geek celebrities who died in 2017. That’s not to diminish any of the others, but these may be perhaps better known or especially deserving of recognition for their contributions. In particular order:

Adam West

The 1960s Batman TV show was such a hit that it was referenced in pop culture (for example, Allan Sherman sang that, “They even took Batman off the TV screen to show The Rebel!”). That was due in no small part to Adam West’s performance. While that was far from his only geeky role, he didn’t turn his back on the Bat-fans.

June Foray

Hokey smoke, June Foray was not only one of the greatest voice artists ever, but championed animation throughout an amazing career.

George A. Romero

Even now, Night of the Living Dead is very unnerving to watch. George Romero upended horror movie narrative tradition, not just creating the modern zombie, but creating lasting art through his screenwriting (with John A. Russo) and direction. I particularly liked Martin, a lesser-known Romero movie. George also helped nurture later generations of filmmakers.

Brian Aldiss

The author Frankenstein Unbound was not only one of the Science Fiction Writers of America’s Grand Master, he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

John Hurt

Twice-nominated for an acting Oscar, winner of a Golden Globe and BAFTA, John Hurt also had a varied geek-friendly career. From Alien to 1984 to Watership Down to the Hellboy movies, Hurt was a highly-respected actor who had no reluctance to take geek roles.

We thank them for what they gave of themselves, and their supportive friends, family, and co-workers.

For more information, and for other geeky-goodbyes for 2017, see 2017 Geeky Good-byes.

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