Adam West has reportedly died

Adam West has reportedly died

So long, old chum.

I feel like Adam West was a friend, although I never met him.

For me, and many others, Adam West was Batman. Sure, he wasn’t purely, or even much, like Batman in the comics…but the 1966 TV series did have a big influence on the comics.

It was a huge hit, due in part to West’s clever, straight-faced portrayal. Allan Sherman referenced the popularity in his comedy song, “The Rebel”: “They even took Batman off the TV screen to show the rebel!”

West, though, was smart about the part. He didn’t disrespect it or the fans. He had reportedly been a Batman comics fan as a kid.

He would return to voice the character in a 1970s Saturday morning cartoon series (and others)…and was working on the latest animated Batman movie (with original co-stars Burt Ward and Julie Newmar) when he died (or at least, it was in post-production).

I also remember him literally sticking his tongue in his bat-cheek for the comedy superhero roast, Legend of the Superheroes in 1979 (which also had DC characters Green Lantern, Black Canary, Hawkman and more).

He played other characters in the Batman universe, including Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father.

While that would certainly be enough to put him in the geek pantheon, it was hardly his only geek-friendly work:

  • A very early uncredited role was a radio operator in the Boris Karloff movie, Voodoo Island
  • He played the supporting part of Colonel Dan McReady in 1964’s Robinson Crusoe on Mars (the first part is reminiscent of the recent hit movie, The Martian)
  • Many people still remember the “sand sharks” episode of the original The Outer Limits, “The Invisible Enemy”, with West again as an astronaut
  • He guest-starred on Bewitched…all of this was pre-Batman
  • He played Mr. Hyde on Night Gallery
  • He was in the TV movie The Eyes of Charles Sand
  • Christopher Lee played Lucifer in Poor Devil (featuring West)
  • He was the voice of Hercules in Shazam! (for a single episode)
  • Warp Speed (a TV movie) had Adam West voicing Captain Lofton; that same year saw him as a different character in Time Warp
  • He took a trip to Fantasy Island
  • 1987 saw Adam West in Zombie Nightmare
  • The next year, 1988, he was in Doin’ Time on Planet Earth
  • Adam West was the big name in Omega Cop, ushering in the 1990s
  • He was pseudonymously credited when he played “Hippy Guy” in the 1990s Flash TV series
  • When the Rugrats needed a Captain Blasto, they cast Adam West
  • 1993 saw him on Tales from the Crypt
  • Space Ghost interviewed him on Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • Still supporting DC, he was Jerry Retchen on Lois & Clark
  • He voiced the Galloping Gazelle on Goosebumps (and the videogame)
  • An American Vampire Story? Adam West as The Big Kahuna
  • Johnny Bravo, Animaniacs, The Secret Files of the SpyDogs (where he was Dog Zero)…Adam West was busy doing voices in the 1990s
  • For Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion series, Adam West was The Breathtaker
  • The 2000s saw Adam West voicing characters on Kim Possible and Scooby-Doo, and as Mayor Adam West on Family Guy
  • 2004’s Monster Island had Adam West as “Dr. Harryhausen”
  • The 2000’s included Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, Sexina, and The Fairly OddParents
  • Amusingly, Adam West was the young Mermaid Man (a Batman-like parody) on SpongeBob SquarePants
  • This decade, he was in The Super Hero Squad as Nighthawk, Funny or Die, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Grand Theft Auto V, he was the announcer for the FanAddicts! TV series, was on Robot Chicken and The Big Bang Theory, as well as Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
  • He was Chairman West in TV’s recently canceled Powerless, a series about people on the periphery when superheroes exist

He shared a TV Land Award for Favorite Crimestopper with Burt Ward, and got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was recognized by the mainstream, and beloved by geeks.

You will be missed, Adam West…thank you.

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