Geeky Good-byes 2017 #3

Geeky Good-byes 2017 #3

2016 was noted by many people for the number of celebrities we lost. I looked at reasons why that might have been true (and might continue to be true) in

2016: the Year the Stars Went Out?

while at the same time looking at previous history.

This year, I’m tracking it more closely in

2017 Geeky Good-byes

At the time of writing, I’ve made 70 entries just for 2017.

That page is really just a listing, without much narrative.

I’m taking this post to look at a few who really stand out to me. That isn’t to diminish anyone else: we geeks honor everyone who has every done a geek-friendly part or created a geek-friendly work.

Jack H. Harris

You don’t have to be in front of the camera to be a geek star. Jack Harris produced the original Blob…and returned to the property three more times. 4D Man, Equinox, and Dinosaurus! are three more low budget movies, but Harris also understood the genre well enough to be involved with two loving satires: John Landis’ Schlock and John Carpenter & Dan O’Bannon’s Dark Star…helping to launch truly significant careers.

Don Rickles

Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing…and Don Rickles? You might not think of the insult comic as being a geek icon, but his career is surprisingly geek-friendly. Certainly, Mr. Potato Head has become part of the Disney pantheon, but he was also a “regular” in the beach party movies (including one with martians), which often had a fantasy element (Eric Von Zipper, the recurring bad guy had supernatural powers). People also clearly liked to work with him, which meant he had guest spots on shows from The Munsters to I Dream of Jeannie to the original The Twilight Zone to Get Smart.

Tim Pigott-Smith

An award-winning actor, Tim Pigott-Smith had an unmistakable presence on screen. There was no question that he could make a scene and illuminate a movie, which led to him working with such famous filmmakers as Ray Harryhausen, Tim Burton, and the Wachowskis.

It stood out to me recently that at least four people who have appeared in Marvel movies/TV shows have died this year (Bill Paxton, Lola Albright, Lorna Gray, and Powers Boothe). That might be a surprise because it may seem like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is fairly recent, but Lorna Gray was in the 1944 Captain America sequel (which wasn’t very faithful to the material) and Lola Albright was in the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TV series of The Hulk in the 1980s…and her episodes were on more than 35 years ago. DC has lost at least six: Francine York, Dick Gautier, Miguel Ferrer, John Hurt, Bruce Lansbury, and Powers Boothe (Boothe was Gideon Malick on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and voiced Lex Luthor,  Red Tornado, and Gorilla Grodd.

The geek community will remember their contributions: we never forget our own.

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