Finding Bigfoot Festival in Willow Creek on Saturday: a watershed moment

Finding Bigfoot Festival in Willow Creek on Saturday: a watershed moment

Today, Saturday (4/29), there is a Bigfoot festival in Willow Creek, California.

That, in and of itself, isn’t new.

After all, Willow Creek can be considered the Bigfoot capital of the world, and has been the epicenter (how Californian!) since the beginning of the modern era (back in 1958). About 25 miles (40 km) away is Bluff Creek, where the famous 1967 (making this the 50th anniversary year) Patterson-Gimlin movie, the one you’ve probably seen (where a Bigfoot walks away from the camera, swinging its ((widely believed to be her)) arms, and looking back) was filmed.

Today’s event, though, feels to me like it is going to be seen as a turning point…a marker along the road where Bigfoot crossed in front of your car.

My intuition is that it is going to be a great time, and that it will be two eras of Bigfooting coming together in siblingship.

From the early days (note that I’m talking about Bigfoot…a lot of you know that there were reports of hairy bipeds in North America for a very long time before the popularization of the term Bigfoot based on Jerry Crew’s October 1958 reports), Bob Gimlin will be there and they’ll show the movie. Also in Willow Creek will be Loren Coleman (@cryptoloren), the world’s leading cryptozoologist and Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum.

For the modern era (which is not to say that Loren Coleman hasn’t been very much a part of today’s Bigfooting), the cast of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot will be there…and are filming a special episode. It has been reported that this is the series finale for the popular show. Many people have enjoyed Finding Bigfoot for years, even if they weren’t Bigfoot “believers”. Animal Planet is even a sponsor of the event this year.

So, this event brings together the legacy and the present of Bigfooting. They are going to have fun events, including a Bigfoot calling contest. I’m sure I would do well in a contest like that: anybody who has been within a few sections of me at a San Francisco Giants game can attest to my ability to do loud, sustained, controlled, calls. 😉 It’s going to be very family friendly.

Past, present…what about the future?

That’s hard to say. It would surprise me if the Finding Bigfoot cast didn’t continue to be connecting with the community of Bigfooters in some way for many years. However, the idea of anyone doing a non-fiction TV series is becoming less tenable, as content consumption becomes increasingly personal. It will be possible to sustain an investigation into something with a rotating audience of 100 people, rather than needing a million to all watch at the same time. This isn’t really the right article for that speculation, though. 🙂

I seriously debated going today…the issue is that, even though I am in Northern California and so is this event, it would be about a six hour drive…one way. If I had been aware of it months ago, I might have taken days off work around it, so we could bring our dogs and make a trip of it. The Bigfoot Motel (which does say it has dog friendly rooms) is probably booked, so even if we did want to go today and stay overnight, it might be difficult. The event is free, by the way, and includes crowd events, like a parade. It’s just too far to go for twelve hours of driving (I could fly to Maine, where Loren’s museum is, in about the same amount of time).

I wish everybody there a wonderful time! I do think this will be a sort of “Woodstock” of Bigfooting, in the sense that people will talk about having been there decades later. I sincerely hope that Loren Coleman and Bob Gimlin continue to be able to attend future events and be involved for years themselves: I’m not suggesting that this is a farewell appearance, just that it is a coming together in what may be a unique way as the tide turns.

While I can’t be there, I am running an Amazon Giveaway for one of Loren Coleman’s books right now:

Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature by Loren Coleman (at AmazonSmile*)

Note: this is the paperback. For some reason, I couldn’t make the Kindle book for this one public (like I could with some of my other giveaways). I really wanted this one to be public, because the whole goal is to promote Loren Coleman’s medical expense fund GoFundMe campaign. I’ve never met Loren personally, and we have no shared business interests, although we have had some correspondence. I’ve read Loren’s books for decades, and admire how the cryptozoologist/Fortean helps others, including being the Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine (although in so many smaller ways, too). It’s sad to me that someone who has done so much is having trouble dealing with medical expense (due to multiple operations). That doesn’t stop Loren from going to the Bigfoot festival in Willow Creek, California today, but for people who have enjoyed and benefited from Loren’s work, the medical expenses fund is an opportunity to do a thank you. Literally over 300 people entered in about a day (the number now is well over 400), and they’ve all tweeted (as a requirement to entry) a link to the fund’s page. I do not ask people to endorse the fund or to ask other people to contribute (or for them to contribute themselves)…I’m just hoping to raise the profile so people who might want to contribute and don’t know about it get the word.

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While I have contributed myself, this seemed like a good way to help. Hopefully, there may also be a way to donate at the Finding Bigfoot Festival, although Loren himself has been low key about this…another thing I admire about him.
Have fun, everybody!

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