Geeky Good-byes February 2017

Geeky Good-byes February 2017

2016 was noted by many people for the number of celebrities we lost. I looked at reasons why that might have been true (and might continue to be true) in

2016: the Year the Stars Went Out?

while at the same time looking at previous history.

This year, I’m tracking it more closely in

2017 Geeky Good-byes

At the time of writing, I’ve made 36 entries just for 2017, and 9 in February. Unfortunately, I may add more…we sometimes don’t hear about deaths right away.

That page is really just a listing, without much narrative.

I’m taking this post to look at a few who really stand out to me. That isn’t to diminish anyone else: we geeks honor everyone who has every done a geek-friendly part or created a geek-friendly work.

Richard Hatch

We salute you, Captain Apollo. Richard Hatch was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal on the original Battlestar Galactica in 1978, and would later appear on the reboot about three decades later as Tom Zarek. Other appearances include Kung Fu, and he appeared as “Richard Hatch” on The Guild, demonstrating his friendliness to the community.

Bruce Lansbury

There would be a big hole in our television geek culture history without the producing talents of Bruce Lansbury. Starting in the 1960s with The Wild Wild West, continuing into the 1970s with Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and on into the 1980s with Knight Rider (and these are just a few of the best known ones), we were on a rollicking ride that was always fun while never lapsing into mockery.

Neil Fingleton

While his career and life were unfortunately short (dying at the age of 36), Neil Fingleton was recognized as the tallest man in the UK at 236 cm (7 feet 7 inches). Appearing in X-Men, The Avengers, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones (as Mag the Mighty), geeks will be watching this former basketball player (an injury changed his career path from sports to acting) for decades to come.

We regret their passing (and those of the others on the Geeky Good-byes page), and thank them and those closest to them for their contributions to our lives and the lives of geeks to follow.

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