2017 Geeky Good-byes

2017 Geeky Good-byes

We regularly write about the passing of celebrities with geek-friendly credits in our Good-byes category. However, we aren’t always able to write a post for everyone, especially near to the time we may hear the report of a death. This page will list them.

Universes affected (see below for individual listings):

  • The Addams Family: Dick Gautier, Don Rickles
  • AIP: Francine York, Mike Connors
  • ALF: Miguel Ferrer
  • Alien: John Hurt; Bill Paxton
  • Irwin Allen: Francine York
  • Amityville: Richard Tassé
  • Gerry & Sylvia Anderson: Bill Paxton
  • Angels: Francine York
  • Apes: Bill Paxton
  • Archie Comics: Jay Bontatibus
  • Authors: William Peter Blatty
  • Barbie: Dick Gautier
  • Batman: Francine York, Dick Gautier
  • Battlestar Galactica: Richard Hatch
  • Bewitched: Francine York, Dick Gautier
  • Birds: John Hurt
  • Mel Brooks: John Hurt
  • Larry Buchanan: Francine York
  • Tim Burton: Tim-Pigott Smith
  • Comics: Alfonso Wong
  • Roger Corman: Mike Connors, John Hurt
  • Dark Horse: John Hurt
  • DC: Francine York, Dick Gautier, Miguel Ferrer, John Hurt, Bruce Lansbury
  • Guillermo del Toro: John Hurt
  • Devils/Satanists: Barbara Hale, John Hurt
  • Disney: Francine York, Miguel Ferrer, Mike Connors, John Hurt, Don Rickles
  • Doctor Who: John Hurt, Tim-Pigott Smith
  • Dogs: John Hurt
  • Dragons: John Hurt
  • Harlan Ellison: John Hurt
  • Frankenstein: Bill Marshall, John Hurt
  • Game of Thrones: Neil Singleton
  • G.I. Joe: Dick Gautier
  • Get Smart: Dick Gautier
  • GoBots: Dick Gautier
  • Greek gods:  Francine York, Tony Rosato, Mike Connors, John Hurt
  • Hanna-Barbera: Dick Gautier
  • Harry Potter: John Hurt
  • Harvey Comics: Kathy Wong
  • Ray Harryhausen: Tim-Pigott Smith
  • Highlander: Tony Rosato
  • John Hughes: Bill Paxton
  • Indiana Jones: John Hurt
  • James Bond: Alec McCowen; Tim-Pigott Smith
  • Jonny Quest: Dick Gautier
  • Stephen King: Miguel Ferrer
  • Knight Rider: Dick Gautier, Bruce Lansbury
  • Kolchak: Dick Gautier
  • Kung Fu: Richard Hatch
  • Lord of the Rings: John Hurt
  • George Lucas: Gary Austin
  • David Lynch: Miguel Ferrer
  • Mars/Martians: Francine York, Don Rickles
  • Marvel: Bill Paxton, Lola Albright
  • Richard Matheson: Mary Webster
  • MGM: Mary Webster
  • Mission: Impossible: Bruce Lansbury
  • Monster movies: Francine York
  • The Munsters: Dick Gautier
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dick Gautier
  • Nintendo: Tony Rosato
  • One Step Beyond: Mike Connors
  • George Orwell: John Hurt
  • Outer Limits: Peter Hansen
  • George Pal: Peter Hansen
  • Post-apocalypse: Mike Connors
  • Predator: Bill Paxton
  • Producers: Bruce Lansbury
  • Rabbits: John Hurt
  • Ridley Scott: John Hurt
  • Robocop: Tony Rosato, Miguel Ferrer
  • Robots: Dick Gautier
  • Gene Roddenberry: John Hurt, Francine York, Miguel Ferrer
  • George Romero: George Kosana
  • Scanners: Richard Tassé
  • Screenwriters: Bruce Lansbury
  • Science: Gene Cernan
  • Scientists: Barbara Hale
  • Sherlock Holmes: Kathy Wong
  • The Smurfs: Dick Gautier
  • Space: Francine York, Mary Webster
  • Spiders: Barbara Hale
  • Spy Kids: Bill Paxton
  • Steven Spielberg: John Hurt, Bobby Harwell
  • Star Trek: Francine York, Miguel Ferrer, Richard Hatch
  • Super Mario: Tony Rosato
  • Superman: Francine York
  • Supervillains: Miguel Ferrer
  • Shirley Temple: Francine York
  • Tales from the Crypt: Miguel Ferrer; Bill Paxton
  • Terminator: Bill Paxton
  • Time travel: Francine York
  • Transformers: Dick Gautier
  • Twilight Zone: Mary Webster, Don Rickles
  • U.N.C.L.E.: Peter Hansen, Lola Albright
  • Jules Verne: Mary Webster
  • The Wachowskis: Tim Pigott-Smith
  • Warner Brothers: Mike Connors
  • Werewolves: Om Puri
  • Wild Wild West: Bruce Lansbury; Peter Hansen
  • Witches: Alec McCowen, Bruce Lansbury
  • Wonder Woman: Dick Gautier, Bruce Lansbury
  • Wrestlers: Jimmy Snuka
  • Robert Zemeckis: John Hurt
  • Zombies: George Kosana

 Decades affected:

  • 1940s: Barbara Hale
  • 1950s: Mary Webster, Mike Connors, Barbara Hale, Alec McCowen, Warren Frost
  • 1960s: George Kosana, Alfonso Wong, Francine York, Dick Gautier, Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Webster, Bruce Lansbury
  • 1970s: Bill Marshall, George Kosana, Francine York, William Peter Blatty, Dick Gautier, Barbara Hale, John Hurt, Richard Hatch, Warren Frost, Bruce Lansbury
  • 1980s: Francine York, William Peter Blatty, Miguel Ferrer, Mary Tyler Moore, Mike Connors, Barbara Hale, John Hurt, Richard Hatch, Alec McCowen, Warren Frost, Bruce Lansbury; Bill Paxton
  • 1990s: Om Puri, Miguel Ferrer, Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt, Richard Hatch, Alec McCowen, Warren Frost, Breck Wilson; Bill Paxton; Richard Tassé
  • 2000s: Francine York, Babette Cole, John Hurt, Richard Hatch, Warren Frost, Jay Bontatibus; Bill Paxton; Richard Tassé
  • 2010s: George Kosana, Francine York, Jimmy Snuka, John Hurt, Richard Hatch, Warren Frost; Bill Paxton

William T. “Bill” Marshall

Reportedly died January 1, 2017. Founded the Toronto International Film Festival. Geek-friendly works include: Frankenstein on Campus

Alfonso Wong

Reportedly died January 1, 2017. Geek-friendly works include: Old Master Q

George Kosana

Reportedly died January 2, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Sheriff Mclelland in Night of the Living Dead, Living Dead (2012), and My Uncle John Is a Zombie!; Police Chief in The Booby Hatch. He was also credited as a Production Manager on NoTL

Ben Forster

Reportedly died January 2, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Mr. Perkins on Thomas the Tank Engine; Mr. Burnley in The Great Ghost Rescue

Om Puri

Reportedly died on January 6, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Dr. Vijay Alezais in Wolf (Jack Nicholson werewolf movie)

Francine York

Reportedly died on January 6, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: “human princess” in an episode of Shirley Temple’s Storybook; college student in The Nutty Professor (1963); My Favorite Martian (TV guest spot); Dr. Lisa Wayne in Space Probe Taurus; My Brother the Angel (TV guest spot); Capt. Stevens in Mutiny in Outer Space; Pat Trent in Curse of the Swamp Creature; Lydia Limpet (the Bookworm’s hench) on the Adam West Batman TV series; Niolani on Lost in Space (TV guest spot); Dr. Sara Gibson on The Wild Wild West (TV guest spot); “Girl at the Party” on I Dream of Jeannie; Lia Holmes in City Beneath the Sea; Dr. North on Land of the Giants; Venus on Bewitched (TV guest spot); Waitress on Mission: Impossible; Sabrina Kincaid in The Doll Squad; Dr. Helen Sanders in Time Travelers; Sal in Future Cop (TV guest spot); Queen Medusa in Jason of Star Command (recurring role); Mistress of Ceremonies in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV guest spot); Hera in Hercules in Hollywood; Sabrina in Astro-Zombies: M3: Cloned; Drusilla in Star Trek: Progeny

Tony Rosato

Reportedly died January 9, 2017. Appeared on Saturday Night Live and SCTV. Geek-friendly works include: Tony on Maniac Mansion (TV guest spot); Luigi on The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and The New Super Mario World (voice); Kevin Frosh on the Robocop TV series (TV guest spot); Benny Carbassa on the Highlander TV series (TV guest spot); Dr. Perry Azzaro in The Haunting of Lisa (TV series); various voices on The Busy World of Richard Scarry; Armand Tempus on Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (TV guest spot); Dario in Resident Evil 3 (videogame) (voice); Orpheus on Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend (voice); voices on Blaster’s Universe; Stewie Harper on Relic Hunter; Tom on Monster by Mistake (voice); voices on Da Boom Crew; voices on Scaredy Squirrel; Maitre D’ at Don Giovanni’s in Sicilian Vampire

William Peter Blatty

Reportedly died January 12, 2017. Geek-friendly works include: The Exorcist; The Ninth Configuration (author of the novel: also screenwriter, director, and producer of the movie); Legion

Dick Gautier

Reportedly died January 13, 2017. Geek-friendly works include: Aubert on Bewitched (TV guest spot); Hal Walters on Mr. Terrific; Hymie the robot on Get Smart; Bruce on The Flying Nun (TV guest spot); Mel Tarter on Kolchak: The Night Stalker (TV guest spot); Rod on Good Heavens (TV guest spot); Cagliostro on Wonder Woman (TV guest spot); Duke on The Man from Atlantis (TV guest spot); J. Gordon Baxter (“The Chameleon”) on Knight Rider (TV guest spot); Sky Jack (and other voices) on GoBots; voices on Galtar and the Golden Lance; voices on Yogi’s Treasure Hunt; voices on Jonny Quest; Rodimus Prime in Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness; Serpentor (and other voices) on G.I. Joe; Pyre (and other voices) on Inhumanoids; Mordax on Sky Commanders; Louis on Foofur; voices on DuckTales; voices on A Pup Named Scooby-Doo; voices on The Smurfs; Charlie Nichels in Freddy’s Nightmares (TV guest spot); voices in Midnight Patrol: adventures in the Dream Zone; Manny Glickstein on The Munsters Today (TV guest spot); Teddy Lupus and other voices on Batman: The Animated Series; Spike on Tom & Jerry Kids Show; voices on The Pirates of Dark Water; voices on The Addams Family (1990s animated series); Okey Pinehead on Captain Planet and the Planeteers; Bert in Detective Barbie: Mystery of the Carnival Caper; Butts/Rhode Island Red/Red’s Dad on Cow and Chicken

Babette Cole

Reportedly died January 15, 2017. Geek-friendly works include Dr. Dog; Prince Cinders

Jimmy Snuka

Reportedly died January 15, 2017. Professional wrestler also known as Superfly. Geek-friendly roles include: Shaman in The Half-Life Horror from Hell or: Irradiated Satan Rocks the World!

Gene Cernan

Reportedly died January 16, 2017. Astronaut who was the most recent person to walk on the moon.

Miguel Ferrer

Reportedly died January 19, 2017. Geek-friendly works include: waiter in The Man Who Wasn’t There; First Officer in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock; Bob Morton in RoboCop; Snyder in DeepStar Six; Ralph Hess in The Guardian; FBI Agent Albert Rosenfeld on Twin Peaks; Lloyd Henreid in The Stand; various roles Tales from the Crypt; Dexter Moyers in Project: ALF; The Weather Man in Justice League of America, and Superman; Mark James Torrance in The Shining (miniseries); Richard Dees in The Night Flyer; Ortega Peru in Mr. Magoo; Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning in Brave New World; Dr. Lupo in Men in Black: The Series; Shan-Yu in Mulan; Antaeus in Hercules (TV series); Aquaman and other voices on Superman; Jack on 3rd Rock from the Sun

Masaya Nakamura

Reportedly died January 22, 2017. Considered the “Father of Pac-Man”, founded Namco. He is credited as a Producer or Executive Producer on many videogames

Mary Webster

Reportedly died January 23, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Ellen Baker in the Edge of Eternity episode of Men into Space (TV guest spot); Dorothy in Master of the World; The Twilight Zone (two episodes: TV guest spot)

Mary Tyler Moore

Reportedly died January 25, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: It May Look Like a Walnut episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show; Angel/Devil/Woman in Mary’s Incredible Dream (TV movie); special guest on Shalom Sesame; Granny Rose in How the Toys Saved Christmas (voice)

Mike Connors

Reportedly died January 26, 2017. Probably most associated with the detective Mannix. AKA “Touch Connors”. Geek-friendly roles: Tony Lamont in Roger Corman’s The Day the World Ended; Ted Bronson in Voodoo Woman (listing in progress); Mario Patruzzio in One Step Beyond (TV guest spot); Captain Jim Adams in Earthlings; Chipacles on Disney’s Hercules TV series (voice);

Barbara Hale

Reportedly died January 26, 2017. Probably best known as Della Street on Perry Mason. Geek-friendly roles include: subway passenger in The 7th Victim; Science Fiction Theatre (2 episodes: TV guest spots); Dr. Jenny Langer in The Giant Spider Invasion; Paula Hinkley on The Greatest American Hero (TV guest spot: her real-life son, William Katt, was the star)

John Hurt

Reportedly died January 27, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Franz in The Pied Piper; Tom Rawlings in The Ghoul; Mitri Cyon in Gene Roddenberry’s Spectre; Anthony Fielding in The Shout; Hazel in Watership Down (movie: voice); Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings (voice: Ralph Bakshi animated version); Kane in Alien; Winston Smith in 1984; Snitter in The Plague Dogs; The Horned King in The Black Cauldron; John Hurt in Spaceballs; The Storyteller on The Storyteller (TV series); Buchanan in Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound; Anthony/Le Marquis in Dark at Noon; Villano in Monolith; Storyteller in Rabbit Ears: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp; Mr. Mole in Thumbelina; S.R. Hadden in Contact; Narrator in The Tigger Movie; General Woundwort in Watership Down (TV series); Father Lareux in Lost Souls; The Doctor/The War Doctor on Doctor Who; Mr. Ollivander in Harry Potter; Trevor “Broom” Bruttenholm in H*llboy; Felix in Valiant (voice); Ben Devereaux in The Skeleton Key; Adam Sutler in V for Vendetta; Samswope in Masters of Science Fiction; Hrothgar in Outlander; Professor Oxley in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; Owl in The Gruffalo (voice); Grandpa Sammy in A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventure; Brother Carnak in Ultramarines: a Warhammer 40,000 Movie; Dexter in Melancholia; Old Man in Immortals; The Dragon on Merlin (TV series); Gilliam in Snowpiercer (listing in progress); Lord Cotys in Hercules (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson version); Sailor John on Thomas & Friends: Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure

Alec McCowen

Reportedly died February 6, 2017. Golden Globe nominated for Travels with My Aunt. Geek-friendly roles include: Bottom in a Midsummer Night’s Dream (Czech puppet version); Alan Bax in The Witches; Q in Never Say Never Again; J.M. Barrie in The Young Visiters (sic) (listing in process); Narrator in the Macbeth episode of Shakespeare: The Animated Tales

Richard Hatch

Reportedly died February 7, 2017. One of the leads of the original Battlestar Galactica (and appeared in a different role in the reboot). Geek-friendly roles include: Owen Preston in The Sixth Sense TV series (TV guest spot); David Binns in Kung Fu; Captain Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica; Lee Chan Jr. in Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen; Dan in Prisoners of the Lost Universe; Dr. Peter Jensen in Unseen Evil; Dr. Eric Norris in inAlienable (written by Walter Koenig); “Richard Hatch” on The Guild; Commander Kharn in Prelude to Axnar and Axnar; Mike Gibson in Alien Hunger; John Alpha in Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses; Mr. Bradshaw in The Enchanted Cottage; Admiral DiCarrek in Blade of Honor; Dr. Shaker in Asylum of Darkness; Robert King in Personal Space; Richard in The Dragons of Melgor; Haskell Edwards in Diminuendo

Breck Wilson

Reportedly died February 10, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Chris Spencer in Escape from Atlantis (TV movie)

Jay Bontatibus

Reportedly died February 12, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Vic Pulaski on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV guest spot)

Richard Tassé

Reported died February 12, 2017. Production Designer/Art Director/Art Department. Geek-friendly works include: The Amityville Curse; Scanners II: The New Order; Witchboard III: The Possession; Johnny Mnemonic; Feardotcom

Bruce Lansbury

Reportedly died February 13, 2017. Geek-friendly works: (as producer/supervising producer/executive producer): The Wild Wild West; Mission: Impossible; Bell, Book and Candle (TV movie); The Fantastic Journey (TV series); Wonder Woman; Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; World War III (TV movie); The Powers of Matthew Star; Street Hawk; Knight Rider; The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (TV movie); (as writer/story/teleplay/creator): Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; The Powers of Matthew Star; Knight Rider; The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman; Swamp Thing

Warren Frost 

Reportedly died February 17, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: operator in War of the Colossal Beast; driver (uncredited) in Slaughterhouse-Five; US Senator in Quantum Leap (TV guest spot); Satan’s Touch; Paul Malloy in Beauty and the Beast (TV guest spot); Dr. Leo Richmond in Psycho IV: The Beginning (TV movie); Dr. Will Hayward in Twin Peaks; Senator in Get a Life (TV guest spot); Dr. Holman on Intruders (TV series); George Richardson on The Stand (1994 miniseries)

George ‘The Animal’ Steele

Reportedly died February 17, 2017. Pro wrestler. Geek-friendly roles include: Tor Johnson in Ed Wood

Neil Fingleton

Reportedly died February 25, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Russian General’s Bodyguard 1 in X-Men: First Class; Lovecraftian Samurai in 47 Ronin; Mag the Mighty in Game of Thrones; Sargorn Fight Sequence in Jupiter Ascending; Fisher King in Doctor Who; stunts in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Bill Paxton

Reportedly died February 26, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Fish Heads (Barnes & Barnes music video); Barnes & Barnes: Love Tap; Paul Andrews in Mortuary; Punk Leader in The Terminator; Chet Donnelly in Weird Science; Private Hudson in Aliens; Severen in Near Dark; Matt Owens in Slipstream; Jim Reston in Brain Dead; Jerry Lambert in Predator 2; Tucker in Monolith; Billy DeLuca in Tales from the Crypt (anthology TV series); Vince in Future Shock; Fred Haise in Apollo 13; Gregg O’Hara in Mighty Joe Young; Dinky Winks in Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams and Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over; Jeff Tracy in Thunderbirds; Mason in The Colony; John Garrett on Agenst of S.H.I.E.L.D.; Master Sergeant Farell in Edge of Tomorrow; Kahn in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies (videogame voice); Eddie Beck in Pixies; Mae’s Father in The Circle

Richard Karron

Reportedly died March 1, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Prehistoric Man in The History of the World: Part 1; The Ghost in The Ghost Story episode of Laverne & Shirley; Slick in the Counterfeit Goof episode of Goof Troop (voice); Joke Store Owner and A. F. Erret in Darkwing Duck (voice, TV guest spots); Ebb in The Little Mermaid TV series (voice, TV guest spot); voice in Bonkers; Mr. Brinkman on Weird Science TV series; Herman and Eddie the Snake on Timon & Pumbaa TV series; voice in The Germinator episode of Quack Pack; Sweaty Pete in the Pink Candidate episode of Pinky and The Brain (voice); Jimmy in the Romeo & Juliet & Dick episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun; O’Bloat in An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island; Bronto Crane in The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas

Michael Ryan

Reportedly died March 1, 2007. Geek-friendly roles include: Fortinbras in Hamlet (1964); Sgt. Sullivan in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Miriam Colon

Reportedly died March 3, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Maria Carrega in the Afternoon of the Beast episode of Goodyear Theatre (not sure if this is geeky, but the story is by Charles Beaumont, so…); Alma Rodriguez in The Hand episode of One Step Beyond; Morgiana in Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves episode of Shirley Temple’s Storybook; Veronica in the Possession of Joel Delaney; Anna Martinez in The People Next Door episode of Highway to Heaven; Nana in The House of the Spirits; Gloria the Curandera in The Cry

Frances Hargreaves

Reportedly died March 3, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Phyllis in the Yogi Mickey episode of Metal Mickey

Fred Weintraub

Reportedly died March 5, 2017. Geek-friendly works as producer/executive producer include: Invasion of the Bee Girls; Golden Needles; The Ultimate Warrior; The Pack; Jaguar Lives!; The Devil’s Arithmetic; Amazons and Gladiators; Endangered Species; Dream Warrior

Robert Osborne

Reportedly died March 6, 2017. His biggest impact on geek films may have been as a fixture on Turner Classic Movies, but Osborne was also an actor with some credits. Geek-friendly roles include: Seaman Driscol in the Brainwave episode of One Step Beyond

Jack H. Harris

Reportedly died March 14, 2017. Geek-friendly works as producer/executive producer include: The Blob (1958 and 1988), Beware! The Blob, and Blobermouth; The 4D Man; Dinosaurus; Equinox; Schlock; Dark Star; Masterpieces of Terror (Argentinian TV series)

John Rogan

Reportedly died March 19, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Man in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (TV guest spot); Jonathan Shakeshaft on Weirdsister College (TV series); Father Peter in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2003 TV movie);

Li Hua Li

Reportedly died March 20, 2017. Appeared in over 100 movies, including The Legend of Mother Goddess.

Tony Terran

Reportedly died March 20, 2017. Trumpet player: geek-friendly works include: Close Encounters of the Third Kind; The Car; Enter the Dragon

Harvey Pierce

Reportedly died March 22, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Captain Jack B. Quick in Deadtime Stories (TV guest spot)

Daisuke Sato

Reportedly died March 22, 2017. Geek-friendly works as writer include: Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool of the Dead

Sandy Webster

Reportedly died March 22, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: three guest appearances on The Unforeseen TV series; Fred Adams in Blue Monkey; Gunther in War of the Worlds TV series (TV guest spot); Mr. Dodsworth in Maniac Mansion (TV guest spot)

Lola Albright

Reportedly died March 23, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Carol Williams in The Miraculous Serum episode of Tales of Tomorrow (TV guest spot); Cathy Barrett in The Monolith Monsters; Azalea in The Prince of Darkness Affair episode (two-parter) of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.; Elizabeth Collins in The First episode (two-parter) of The Incredible Hulk; Beatrice Moretti in the Sins of the Past episode of Airwolf

Lee Farr

Reportedly died March 23, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: The Out of My Darkness episode of Matinee Theatre (TV guest spot); John Haney Jr. in the Genesis episode of The Veil (TV guest spot); two episodes of The Invaders (TV guest spots); Jack Welton in the Movie episode of Mission:Impossible (TV guest spot)

Kathy Wong

Reportedly died March 23, 2017. Geek-friendly works as Production Controller include: Sabrina, the Animated Series; Monster Mash (2000 video); Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

Darlene Cates

Reportedly died March 26, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Athena the Fat Lady in Wolf Girl; Claudia Bell in Touched by an Angel (TV guest spot); Sophie Wallace in the Squatter’s Rights episode of Picket Fences (TV guest spot)

Joseph Harris

REportedly died March 26, 2017. Geek-friendly works as producer include: Go Go Gophers; Underdog; Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales; King Leonardo and His Short Subjects; The Beagles (also creator)

Chelsea Brown

Reportedly died March 27, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: belly dancer in Head (The Monkees); Paola Guzman in The Paola Story episode of The Flying Nun (TV guest spot); Lila in The Thing with Two Heads; tour guide in The Return of Captain Invincible; two episodes of the 1980s Mission:Impossible.

Christine Kaufmann

Reportedly died March 28, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Madeleine Charron in the Herbert Lom version of Murders in the Rue Morgue

Christian Eisenbeiss

Reportedly died March 30, 2017. Geek-friendly works as producer include: Robot Overlords

Phillip Ko

Reportedly died March 30, 2017. Appeared in many martial arts movies, some of which have geeky elements, including: Magic Crystal; Seeding of a Ghost

Philip M. Breen

Reportedly died March 31, 2017. Geek-friendly works as producer include: Gawain and the Green Knight; Sword of the Valiant

Gary Austin

Reportedly died April 1, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Man in Yellow in THX 1138; Second Assistant Director in Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie

Bobby Harwell

Reportedly died April 1, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: John Emmanuel on Picket Fences; Congressman in Human Nature; TV Face in A.I. Artificial Intelligence; Pres in The Greatest Intergalactic Hero; Lloyd in The Wicksboro Incident; The Genie in Carter’s Wish; Joe in The Looking Glass; Detective Kovaks in Destination Mars

Tony Molina Jr.

Reportedly died April 1, 2017. Geek-friendly roles includes: Marcel in Things That Go Bump (TV movie)

Don Rickles

Reportedly died April 6, 2017. Best known as an “insult comic”, Don Rickles had a long career, which included TV series (even as the star), movies, and voice work (most notably as Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story movies). While not the first thing to come to mind when we say “geek-friendly”, the beach party movies did have fantasy elements, and Don Rickles was in three of them (including one with Martians). Geek-friendly roles include: Bettor in the Mr. Dingle, the Strong episode the original The Twilight Zone (TV guest spot); Crane in X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes; Big Drag in Bikini Beach (which features the character Eric Von Zipper, who has supernatural powers); Claude in the Halloween with the Addams Family episode of the original The Addams Family (TV guest spot); Big Bang the Martian in Pajama Party; “Doc” Happy Havemeyer in the Dance with Me Herman episode of The Munsters (TV guest spot); Big Drop in Beach Blanket Bingo (Eric Von Zipper again); Asmodeus in The Night of the Druid episode of The Wild Wild West (TV guest spot); Francis N. Kiski in the My Master, the Weakling episode of I Dream of Jeannie; Sid Krimm (and a guard) in Get Smart; Mr. Ingels, ventriloquist in the The Ventriloquist’s Dummy episode of Tales from the Crypt; Emmanuel “Manny” Bergman in Innocent Blood; Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story movies, games, shorts (voice); The Boss in Redux Riding Hood (voice); Cornwall in The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot (voice); (Mr.) George Wilson in Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!; Frog in Zookeeper (voice);

Tim Pigott-Smith

Reportedly died April 7, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Marco/Captain Harker on Doctor Who; Arthur Llewelyn Davies in The Lost Boys (TV miniseries); Thallo in Clash of the Titan (1981); Dr. Evans/Dr. Maradick in the Shadowy Third episode of Ghosts (TV series); Dr. Maitland in the Voodoo Feet of Death episode of Dr. Terrible’s House of Horrible (TV series); Pegasus (head of MI7) in Johnny English; Narrator in The Day Britain Stopped (TV movie); Creedy in V for Vendetta; Foreign Secretary in Quantum of Solace; Lord Ascot in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland; William Melville in the Adrien Brody version of Houdini; Malidictes in Jupiter Ascending; Frederick in The Little Vampire 3D (voice)

Peter Hansen

Reportedly died April 9, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Dr. Tony Drake in When Worlds Collide; Doctor Paul Yates in the Danger: Radiation episode of Space Patrol (TV guest spot); various roles on The Lone Ranger; 6 different guest roles on Science Fiction Theater (five Drs. and a Professor); Dr. Charles Cooper in the Space Trap episode of Men Into Space (TV guest spot); Major Locke in the The Brain of Colonel Barham in the original The Outer Limits (TV guest spot); Agent Morgan in the The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV guest spot); General Elliot in the Starscape: Part 2 episode of the Starman TV series (TV guest spot); Phillip Darrow in Dragonfly

Linda Hopkins

Reportedly died April 10, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: housewife in Leprechaun 2

Michael Ballhaus

Reportedly died April 12, 2017. Triple Oscar nominee. Geek-friendly works as a cinematographer/director of cinematography include: Bram Stoker’s Dracula; Outbreak; Wild Wild West (movie); What Planet Are You From?

Charlie Murphy

Reportedly died April 12, 2017. Geek-friendly roles include: Taxi Driver in Night at the Museum; various in Universal Remote; Hank in Unearthed; Franklin in Frankenhood; Samson in the Pill Time episode of Nite Tales; A Cat Named Rollo on Black Dynamite (voice); Vic on Black Jesus; Bellybomb on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2010s series, voice)

This page by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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