Alan Tudyk: the unknown movie star

Alan Tudyk: the unknown movie star

Is 2016 the year that

Alan Tudyk

becomes a household name?

It’s a bit of a surprise that he isn’t already.

After all, he has appeared on our Most Valuable Players list multiple times:

He is on 815 (!) reader created lists at IMDb.

Still, despite having significant roles in some of the most popular movies of the year, I think most people couldn’t name him.

Oh, it’s different for geeks…we know him from Serenity and Dollhouse, just to name two.

Why might this year be different?

Star Wars.

Star Wars is the crossover geekshow of all time (although there are others, certainly). I think most people have heard of, well, just about everybody in a Star Wars movie.

Voicing the lead droid character, K-2SO ought to do it. 🙂

He will also easily make the MVP list this year, with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story , Moana, and Zootopia. It’s possible his movies will make a combined dogro (domestic gross) of over one billion dollars this year, a rare feat (only achieved by five MVPs in 2015).

For more information on Alan Tudyk, see his birthdate of March 16, 1971 at

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