Why not make your Memorial Day travel a geek time trip?

Why not make your Memorial Day travel a geek time trip?

While there are certainly serious observations on Memorial Day weekend, it is also a time when people enjoy entertainment options. It’s a really big weekend in movie theatres (this year, there are Avengers, X-Men, Angry Birds, and Mowgli and friends for you to see, just to name a few), there are TV marathons, sports, family outings…and reading, of course!

It’s also a big weekend for travel…that might be by plane, it might be by car, or foot, or bicycle, or, maybe if you are in the land of Oz, flying Gump (“the thing”). ūüėČ

Well, I want to help you out. ūüėČ

You can visit my

The Measured Circle’s Geek Time Trip at The History Project

and stream or download public domain materials, legally for free!

When you look at the timeline, look for events with a “>” at the end…those link to somewhere you should be able to get the content at no cost. That’s going to be works that are not under copyright protection. There are “events” listed in TMCGTT which are under copyright…in that case, I’ll link you to somewhere you can still get it, if possible…just¬†not free for everybody.¬†For example, I’ll link to a movie at JustWatch.com, which will search streaming options for you (so you can see if you can watch it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or some other services). For a book, I’ll link to a WorldCat search of public libraries…if they have it in e-book at a library where you are a member, you can likely download it without leaving your couch. ūüėČ I also link to GoodReads, which in turn links to stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo…)

I don’t link directly to a place where you can just buy it…TMCGTT¬† isn’t about advertising (and I don’t get income directly from anything you do there.

I’ll recommend a few:

  • When I’m flying, I like having Old Time Radio shows on my tablet (Kindle Fire) as an option. I’ll read, but I like to do different things on a long flight. 2000 Plus is an anthology science fiction series with some really odd stories. You’ll find it on March 15, 1950
  • If you want to read a book, let me suggest you go to “H. Beam Piper born” on March 23, 1904. That will link you to ManyBooks, where you can download (or read online)¬†Little Fuzzy. It’s a fun story¬†which I think will still make a great limited TV series
  • For comics, maybe try Atomic War on November 1st, 1952…this is a weekend when we remember the military, and this comic book series posits a war
  • For a movie, The Yesterday Machine on January 1st, 1963, is low budget, tacky…and appears to me to be an inspiration for the beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Want to binge watch a TV series? There isn’t much surviving of Captain Video and His Video Rangers, but they are linked on June 27th, 1949

There are a lot of other options (including pulp science fiction magazines), and I’m adding more. If we get outside public domain, that really opens up the horizons…Stingray Sam, The Guild, The Mighty Boosh…

In the near future, I’ll be opening up the “Timeblazers Program”, where I’ll be looking for other people to volunteer to contribute to TMCGTT. I’m waiting for some things to be in place technically, but I’m excited to see it grow as¬†a resource for fun and information!

Enjoy your weekend!

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