Deadpool’s ROI is already 233%, beating all Marvel movies except…

Deadpool’s ROI is already 233%, beating all Marvel movies except…

Ryan Reynold’s R-rated Marvel superhero movie, Deadpool, has gotten off to a terrific start!

BoxOfficeMojo reports a weekend estimate (not counting Monday) of $135m dogro (domestic gross).

That’s really high, but it’s even more impressive when you consider that it was a relatively low budgeted movie for this genre, at $58m.

There were a lot of risks with it: the R-rating, Ryan Reynolds (who had had a disappointing starring role as DC’s Green Lantern before), the fact that it was in February, the lack of name recognition for the character (outside of the geek  community), the fact that this a 20th Century Fox movie (not a Disney Marvel movie), the weather back East…

This, though, is showing that Reynolds’ (who is also a producer) really hard work promoting the movie, as well as a solid marketing campaign, has paid off.

$135m is 233% of $58m (earning Deadpool The Measured Circle Award of “Money”)…and it’s just getting started.

Let’s compare that to other Marvel superhero movies.

Movie Budget Dogro Return
Spider-Man 139 409 294.24%
Marvel’s The Avengers 220 623 283.18%
Deadpool 58 135 232.76%
Iron Man 140 318 227.14%
X-Men 75 157 209.33%
Iron Man 3 200 409 204.50%
Guardians of the Galaxy 170 333 195.88%
X2: X-Men United 110 215 195.45%
Spider-Man 2 200 374 187.00%
Avengers: Age of Ultron 250 459 183.60%
Iron Man 2 200 312 156.00%
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 170 260 152.94%
Ant-Man 130 180 138.46%
Spider-Man 3 258 337 130.62%
Captain America: The First Avenger 140 176 125.71%
Thor: The Dark World 170 206 121.18%
Thor 150 181 120.67%
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 150 180 120.00%
X-Men: Days of Future Past 200 234 117.00%
The Amazing Spider-Man 230 262 113.91%
X-Men: The Last Stand 210 234 111.43%
The Wolverine 120 132 110.00%
X-Men: First Class 160 146 91.25%
The Incredible Hulk 150 134 89.33%
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 255 202 79.22%

That’s right…you would have gotten a better return on your investment on Deadpool than on any other Marvel movies except Spider-Man and The Avengers…and at a much smaller initial investment.

This is based on BoxOfficeMojo’s reported production budget versus their reported domestic gross (dogro). There are other expenses (including the marketing budget) and other income (including international gross), but this lets us do a consistent comparison (the other data is harder to get).

The odds are good that Deadpool will be the best ROI Marvel movie…by Tuesday. Not the highest grossing, or with the biggest profit, but big congratulations to Ryan Reynolds, Fox, and the rest of the team!

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