Bruce Hyde has reportedly died

Bruce Hyde has reportedly died

Bruce Hyde appeared in just two episodes of the original Star Trek, but made a considerable impression on fans as Lt. Kevin Riley. In licensed works following the series, Riley has appeared in many of the novels…which wouldn’t have happened without Bruce Hyde’s memorable performance.

Actually, “performances” is more appropriate. The two episodes are quite different.

In The Naked Time, Riley is comic relief…singing, “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”, and declaring himself Captain of the Enterprise. While it’s  funny, the situation is serious…Hyde is not out of character with what we’ll see of Riley later, just as a swashbuckling Sulu is appropriate in that episode.

In The Conscience of the King, Riley is the orphan survivor of a massive execution program who may have encountered the perpetrator.

After a short screen career, Bruce Hyde became an academic, writing on ontology.

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