Geek out in July at Barnes & Noble

Geek out in July at Barnes & Noble

I’m a former brick-and-mortar bookstore manager, and am probably best known currently for the I Love My Kindle blog, which covers Kindles, Amazon, and publishing.

It might, therefore, surprise some readers that I would promote an event (actually, a whole month of events) at Barnes & Noble.

Well, maybe not my readers. 🙂 They know I don’t build something up by knocking something down…when people do a good thing, I like to recognize that.

As a proud geek, I wanted to make sure you knew about B&N’s

Get Pop-Cultured month

Now, for those of us who were geeks before Star Wars, it may be somewhat amusing that pop(ular) culture in this celebration is so geek-dominated. I used to jokingly refer to what we enjoyed as unpopular culture. 😉

We geeks still embrace that, of course. If you are one of the very few who are passionate fans of a canceled TV series (for myself, I’d include Miracles and Uncle Croc’s Block in my micro-fandoms), or are surprised when people don’t get it when you make a Talbot Mundy reference, and are still wondering when there will be a Herbie Popnecker movie, you are welcome at a con(vention).

Well, I’m not going to pretend that the Barnes & Nobles stores are going to have an Azalea Pictures film festival, but much of what they will have is solidly geek-friendly (even if they reflect the mainstreaming which has been growing since Star Wars in 1977).

Here are some of the highlights (and yes, cosplay will be expected as part of it):

  • July 3-5: Time Travel Weekend July 3 at 7:00 PM is Doctor Who (Space)-Time. July 4th at 10:00 AM is Magic Tree House’s Dinosaurs Before Dark. July 5th at 2:0 PM is a celebration of Outlander
  • July 8-12: DC Comics Days (including a free Young Gotham poster, while supplies last)
  • July 9-12: Comic Convention Collectibles
  • July 17: 7:00 PM is Minions Fun
  • July 18: Star Wars Saturday (with a chance to win a Star Wars standee)
  • July 19: Manga Mania
  • July 24: 7:00 PM, Fangirl Friday
  • July 28: 7:00 PM, and July 31, 7:00 PM: Dr. Seuss Spectacular

Those are the national ones, and it’s certainly possible that your local store will have local events. If you could make a good presentation that ties into one of these things, it’s worth contacting your store to see if they are interested in having you.

Oh, and not specifically geek-focused, but likely to have a lot of related topics will be Throwback Thursdays:

  • July 2: 1950s
  • July 9: 1960s
  • July 16: 1970s (see my post on The Geeky Seventies)
  • July 23: 1980s
  • July 30: 1990s


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