2015 March $100 Million Box Office Challenge

2015 March $100 Million Box Office Challenge

This is a new game for us!

We follow the box office quite closely here at The Measured Circle. You can see our tracking for

2015 The Measured Circle’s Most Profitable Movies

for example.

Well, we wanted to design a game where you could see how good you are at predicting which movies will be the most profitable.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the highest grossing movies: If a movie cost $200 million to make and makes $300 million, each million dollars you “invested” would only get you $1.5 million. If a movie cost $40 million to make and dogros (domestic grosses) $100 million, you would get $2.5 million for each $1 million you “invested”.

Want to give it a shot?

This Survey Monkey poll will close at the of February so all guesses need to be done by then.


All the rules are there…we’ll see how it goes this month, and may adjust them in the future.

I’ll be making my own “investments”…think you can beat me? ūüėČ

We are doing this just for fun…no real money is involved, and we only play for that most valuable of human possessions: braggin’ rights!

Challenge extended…

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