The new TV season in geek

The new TV season in geek

We know…you don’t watch TV shows when they are first on anyway. ūüėČ

However, we’ve been seeing a renaissance in geek shows on the networks.

They start new shows in September (and October), and there are quite a few offerings this year that might be worth watching live…or recorded..or streamed “week of”.

Let’s take a look on a day of the week basis. Note that these are just highlights, focusing on shows debuting/returning during this period, and scheduled for prime time. There are other geek-friendly shows which will be on during this timeframe, but they may already be running their current seasons. Dates and times are, of course, subject to change without notice.


8:00 PM

  • The Big Bang Theory season 8 on CBS (returning September 22)
  • Gotham (new…Gotham City pre-Batman) on Fox (September 22)
  • The Originals season 2 on the CW (returning October 6)

9:00 PM

  • Scorpion (new…team of geniuses) on CBS (September 22)
  • Sleepy Hollow season 2 on Fox (returning September 22)
  • Ascension (new…Earth ship on a colony mission) on Syfy (November 24)

10:00 PM

  • Castle season 7 on ABC (returning September 29)


8:00 PM

  • Selfie (new…Karen Gillan) on ABC (September 30)
  • The Flash (new…Arrow spin-off) on the CW (October 7)

9:00 PM

  • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 on ABC (returning September 23)
  • Supernatural season 10 (!) on the CW (returning October 7)

10:00 PM

  • Forever (new…immortal medical examiner) on ABC (September 23)
  • Person of Interest season 4 on CBS (returning September 23)

10:30 PM

  • Brickleberry season 3 on Comedy Central (returned September 16)
  • Town of the Living Dead (new…reality about a town trying to make a zombie movie) (October 7)


8:00 PM

  • Arrow season 3 on the CW (returning October 8)
  • Lucha Underground on El Rey (new…Mexican wrestling drama (?) series) (October 8)

9:00 PM

  • The 100 season 2 on the CW (returning October 22)
  • Ghost Hunters season 10 (!) on Syfy (returning October 8)

10:00 PM

  • South Park season 18 (!) on Comedy Central (returning September 24)
  • Key & Peele season 4 on Comedy Central (returning September 24)
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show on FX (returning October 8)


8:00 PM

  • The Big Bang Theory season 8 on CBS (returning October 30)
  • Bones season 10 (!) on Fox (returning September 25)
  • The Vampire Diaries season 6 on the CW (returning October 2)

10:00 PM

  • Elementary season 3 on CBS (returning October 30)


9:00 PM

  • Grimm season 4 on NBC (October 24)
  • Gotham reruns on Fox (starts September 26th, rerunning Monday’s ep)
  • Alaska Monsters (new…cryptid reality show) on Destination America (started September 12)
  • Dog with a Blog season 2 on the Disney channel

10:00 PM

  • Constantine (new…based on DC Comics H*llblazer) on NBC (October 24)
  • Z Nation (new…zombies) on Syfy (started September 12)


8:00 PM

  • Once Upon a Time season 4 on ABC (returning September 28)
  • The Simpsons season 26 on Fox (returning September 28)

9:00 PM

  • Resurrection season 2 on ABC (returning September 28)
  • The Walking Dead season 5 on AMC (returning October 12)
  • Halloween Wars season 4 on The Food Network (returning October 5)

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