Richard Kiel reported dead

Richard Kiel reported dead

Richard Kiel was an actor.

That might not be the first thing that came to mind when people saw him. At 7′ 2″ (almost 2.2 meters), his height might have overwhelmed everything else in person.

Not on the screen, though.

It wasn’t just about being big. Richard Kiel was funny, and could be…I think sweet is the best word.

Even in his most famous part, as the “villain” Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, he wasn’t just a towering hulk. He was perhaps the best thing in Moonraker.

That wasn’t just a fluke. If you saw him in Gilligan’s Island (Ghost-a-Go-Go), you might have had no idea just how big he was. It’s not like it was Shakespeare, however, he was simply cast because he was going to be good as a Russian agent.

Kiel had many geek-friendly roles, but I think Eegah (as the title character in a teen caveman comedy) and the Twilight Zone (as the Kanamit in the classic To Serve Man episode) stand out.

Other geek-friendly roles include:

  • Boris Karloff’s Thriller
  • The Phantom Planet as the Solarite
  • The Phantom (TV movie with Lon Chaney, Jr.)
  • House of the Damned (as The Giant)
  • The Nutty Professor (the original)
  • The Nasty Rabbit
  • Two on a Guillotine
  • The Human Duplicators
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
  • Brainstorm (1965 movie with Jeffrey Hunter, Dana Andrews, and Anne Francis)
  • I Dream of Jeannie
  • Honey West
  • My Mother the Car
  • The Monkees
  • I Spy
  • The Wild Wild West (three appearances as Voltaire, and another appearance)
  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker
  • Barbary Coast (recurring role as Moose Moran on this William Shatner series)
  • Land of the Lost as Malak
  • The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
  • The Incredible Hulk tv series (one scene as the Hulk, uncredited)
  • The Humanoid
  • Hysterical
  • Phoenix
  • Pale Rider
  • Out of This World TV series
  • Superboy
  • The Princess and the Dwarf
  • The Giant of Thunder Mountain
  • Inspector Gadget (the live action version with Matthew Broderick…Kiel basically played Jawsl)
  • James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (voice as Jaws)
  • Tangled (the Disney animated movie, as Vlad)
  • Bloodhound, Inc. TV series

Good-bye, Richard Kiel…in more ways than one, the world is smaller without you.

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