Who is the one on whom we can depend? TV theme song trivia 2

 Who is the one on whom we can depend? TV theme song trivia 2

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been four years since I did a TV theme song trivia post!

What does the nut do in pajamas?

You’ve missed it, right? 😉

I’m going to give you clues to famous TV show theme songs…see how many of them you know (without looking them up…that’s cheating, or at least, demonstrating an entirely different skill). I’ll post the answers later.

  1. Who “…is the one on whom we can depend?” (I’ve always liked this one, for being  grammatically correct…although that’s not the only reason)
  2. Who has a character who is “…transferred into a fire-breathing dragon”? (Yes, that’s right…”transferred“, not “transformed“. I never understood how that blooper was the cut that got used)
  3. Who is a “…cool exect”? (That’s another blooper…the singer is very careful to hit the “t” at the end of that strongly…even though the line should actually be a “…cool exec”. It’s common slang, short for “executive”
  4. Where does someone mention “…drinking fresh mango juice”?
  5. Who’s what are “…like a shield of steel”?
  6. Who are you going to want for your valentine? (But stay away…this person is spoken for)
  7. Who doesn’t charm the crabs right out of their shells?
  8. Who makes the vilest villain cower?
  9. Who’s got tricks up his sleeve most bad guys won’t believe?
  10. Who could be wrong now…but I don’t think so? (and in meta-fashion, hated it when the character hates when “they” change the theme songs)

How did you do? Answers later…

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