Kate O’Mara reported dead

Kate O’Mara reported dead

American mainstream audiences likely came to know Kate O’Mara in her role as “Caress” Morrell on Dynasty, but geeks know her better as The Rani from Doctor Who.

Imperious, vicious, intelligent, and a renegade Time Lord (who may have a history with The Doctor), The Rani appeared in two arcs (even forcing a regeneration from Six (Colin Baker) to Seven (Sylvester McCoy).

That would be enough to place O’Mara firmly in the geek world, but there were quite a few more geek-friendly roles, including a number “outside the system” crime fighters, and Hammer horror. A partial list:

  • Secret Agent (arguably the forerunner of The Prisoner)
  • Adam Adamant Lives! (which we believe may have impacted Austin Powers)
  • Welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond (a 007 promotional effort)
  • The Champions…enforcement agents given super-powers by a lost Himalayan civilization
  • Carnage (a Peter Cushing mad scientist movie)
  • The Saint TV series
  • The Avengers
  • Department S
  • The Vampire Lovers (Hammer movie with Ingrid Pitt: O’Mara played the Governess)
  • The Horror of Frankenstein (Hammer)
  • The Persuaders (TV series with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis)
  • The Protectors
  • Cluedo: British game show based on Clue, with O’Mara playing Mrs. Peacock. The roles weren’t always played by the same actors: both David McCallum and Tom Baker played Professor Plum, for example
  • Beauty and the Beast (not the Disney version…with Christopher Lee)
  • Aladdin (again, not the Disney version…with Derek Jacobi)
  • The New Adventures of Robin Hood

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This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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