2014 BOPMadness (Bufo’s Oscar Prediction Madness) results

2014 BOPMadness (Bufo’s Oscar Prediction Madness) results

This post will be updated with our individual winners, but we wanted to get you our group results right away (and include the Oscar winners).

  • Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave (predicted)
  • Lead Actor: Matthew McConaughey (half predicted…we had a tie with Chiwetel Ejiofor)
  • Lead Actress: Cate Blanchett (predicted)
  • Supporting Actor: Jared Leto (predicted)
  • Supporting Actress: Lupito Nyong’o (predicted)
  • Directing: Alfonso Cuaron (miss…we went with Steve McQueen)
  • Original Screenplay: Her (predicted)
  • Adapted Screenplay: 12 Years a Slave (miss: we predicted Philomena)
  • Animated Feature: Frozen (predicted)
  • Foreign Language Film: The Great Beauty (predicted)
  • Cinematography: Gravity (predicted)
  • Film Editing: Gravity (predicted)
  • Production Design: The Great Gatsby (predicted)
  • Costume Design: The Great Gatsby (miss…we did the American Hustle)
  • Makeup and Hairstyling: Dallas Buyers Club (predicted)
  • Music Score: Gravity (miss: we predicted Philomena)
  • Song: Let It Go from Gravity (predicted)
  • Sound Mixing: Gravity (predicted)
  • Sound Editing: Gravity (predicted)
  • Visual Effects: Gravity (predicted)
  • Documentary Feature: Twenty Feet from Stardom (miss…we said The Act of Killing)
  • Documentary Short: The Lady in Number 6 (predicted)
  • Animated Short: Mr. Hublot (miss…we had a Mickey Mouse answer, Get a Horse!)
  • Live Action Short: Helium (half-predicted: we had a tie with The Voorman Problem)

Overall, we did well! We got four and a half (the half is due to a tie) of the Big Six, and twelve and a half out of eighteen of the Incredibly Difficult Maven Section. This seemed like a difficult year, with a lot of close calls.

More analysis to come, including our percentage scores, and our individual winners.

Thanks again to everyone who played! See you in the movies!

Update: here is the individual analysis!


  • Big Six: 79.41%
  • Incredibly Difficult Maven Section: 68.07%
  • Overall: 77.38

Congratulations to Mike Weston, who won in all three categories!

  • Big Six: 100%
  • Incredibly Difficult Maven Section: 87.63%
  • Overall: 98.35%

Mike also won the Maven and Overall last year…he’s on a roll. ūüėČ

Marianne Adoor and Neil Lapinsky (two new players) tied Mike in the Big Six: all three of these great  predictors picked all of the Big Six categories! Congratulations to you all!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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