On the Circumference #5: Batkid, Doc Savage movie update

On the Circumference #5: Batkid, Doc Savage movie update

The On the Circumference posts contain short pieces which may or may not be expanded later.

Doc Savage movie still in the works

I first wrote about a new Doc Savage movie more than three and a half years ago. Movies languish, but interestingly, Shane Black is not only still involved with this one, but gave a recent interview (in September of this year) on the progress


Since 2010, Shane Black has made a little $400 million dogro (domestic gross) movie, Iron Man 3…which should give him a bit more clout in the decision making about Doc Savage.

Clearly, there are still decisions to be made.

One concern he expresses in the video linked in the article above, is Doc’s…perfectness.

I can give you the easy insight into that one (hope you see this, Mr. Black).

Doc doesn’t think he is perfect: other people do. That’s similar to two of my other fictional heroes: Mr. Spock and Kwai Chang Caine. It was quite a revelation for me when I realized that they are all emotionally repressed, all extraordinary fighters…and all believe themselves to be failures.

For Doc, you can see that in how he adopts his “no-kill” policy…that’s the root of the character.

Doc also knows about his inability to connect to people (especially women…he can always tell when a man is lying, and can’t tell when a woman is lying) very well.

That’s the key: Doc isn’t brave because he believes he is infallible, or distant because he thinks he is above other people. He is brave because he feels he owes the world for his mistakes, and he probably honestly feels that it might be better off without him (although he rationally knows that’s not the case). He is distant because of insecurity with others, not because of a sense of superiority.

No release date set yet…

Bill Hader: #1 with a meatball

Thanks to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 breaking $100m dogro, Bill Hader has debuted at #1 on our

2013 The Measured Circle’s Box Office MVPs list

with almost $725 million in dogro this year (only counting movies that dogroed at least $40 million).

The next four were all in Iron Man 3, while Hader is Marvel-free this year.

Batkid save Lou Seal!

I love this story!

A five-year old Make-a-Wish kid wanted to be Batman…and a city in my area, San Francisco, went all out to make it happen. You can see some of the coverage here:

KGO ABC 7 story
KGO ABC 7 photos

although there has been (in my opinion, appropriately) national coverage of it.

Thousands turned out to cheer on the superhero as he rescued the Giants’ mascot from the Penguin, dealt with the Riddler and the Joker, and the Mayor and the Police Chief were involved.

That’s the power of geekery!

Set your reminders for December 2015

Well, this release schedule won’t last, but December 2015 is currently scheduled to be a great month for geeks in the movie theatres!

  • December 11: Alvin and the Chipmunks 4
  • December 18: Inferno (Robert Langdon), Star Wars: Episode VII, Warcraft (based on the World of Warcraft)
  • December 18: Kung Fu Panda 3, Mission:Impossible 5

I don’t think there is any way they will actually open Warcraft against Star Wars…and guess who will have to move? 😉

And on TV…

Will these make it to series?

  • A TV series based on Ghost (pottery wheel opening credits optional)
  • A TV series based on 12 Monkeys
  • A TV series based on The Exorcist
  • Tales from the Darkside reboot
  • Flash reboot
  • And inevitably…a reboot of Reboot (it’s coming up on its 20 year anniversary…really)

Robot just doing its job…

There seems to be a lot of effort to make this sound like a terrible thing. According to this

SFGate article by Henry K. Lee

and other sources, a Muni (public transit) driver stepped out of the vehicle…and it decided to just keep going on to the next stop.

It was on auto mode (driving itself), and we’ve been assured it would simply have continued doing what it was supposed to do, including stopping and opening the doors for people to exit.

Naturally, anti-robotic activists want to make this sound horrible. It was suggested that the robot wouldn’t have stopped if there was a person on the tracks.

Well, that’s easy: they should have collision avoidance systems.

However, if they did, they might not need human drivers at all…and there are people who wouldn’t want that to happen, which I can understand. I also understand the passengers having been frightened, since they didn’t know what was happening (and pulled the emergency stop…which worked).

We’ll get used to the idea of driverless vehicles before too long. According to this

The Verge article by Rich McCormick

Britain already has employed driverless cars, and there are plans for more in more places.

Google was leading the way (and may still be, for cars that would drive the same streets with human drivers), but the USA could fall behind on this if we aren’t careful.

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