Man in Black talks about…UFO sighting?

Man in Black talks about…UFO sighting?

Okay, this was one of the weirdest stories I’ve read lately!

According to this

Huffington Post article

Lt. Col. Richard French recently spoke at the

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

about having seen two aliens working on a UFO underwater.

That’s not the weird part, though…no, really.

The HuffPo identified French as “…a lead investigator of Project Blue Book in the 1950s”.

Some of you are now saying, “That’s the weird part, right? Wasn’t that the debunking group of the Air Force? How ironic!”

No, we’re still not to the really weird part.

The name was familiar to me, and I knew the names of the big players in Project Blue Book.

“Richard French” was the name given by one of the most infamous Men in Black in ufological literaure!

Before the graphic novel which inspired the Will Smith movie, the general idea was that the “Men in Black” might have actually been aliens, discouraging investigation into UFOs by pretending to be government agents. I’ve written about the history of the Men in Black before.

I mentioned in passing a MIB who tried to drink Jell-O…that was Richard French!

You can read a bit of that story here:

UFO evidence excerpt

It’s taken from John A. Keel, who loved the high strangeness stories like this. It’s reported in UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (AKA Why UFOS).

So, this is bizarre!

If the 1967 Jell-O virgin was an alien, did that alien just speak out about seeing other (very different looking) aliens? If so, why? Would it still be part of an alien plan to discredit UFOs or discourage reporting?

Another possibility is that in 1967, the alien just “borrowed” the name of this Richard French. Keel says, “There proved to be a Richard French in the Air Force in Minnesota, but he did not even remotely answer to the above description. In that case, the one who just recently told the story might be the real Richard French.

That description, by the way? Again, from Keel:

“He was about five feet nine inches tall with a kind of olive complexion and pointed face. His hair was dark and very long…” (page 172 of the Manor Books edition).

Is that the person who spoke May 3rd? Well, honestly, it’s hard to tell in the video at the HuffPo article…remember, the Jell-O thing was more than forty years ago.

Here’s another possibility: Richard French was having a laugh at the expense of the UFO witness in 1967, pretending to be an alien.

One could also argue that Keel wasn’t accurate…but why use the name Richard French?

Perhaps the name is a coincidence…but the Richard French who recently spoke should have been investigating UFO sightings, which is what the 1967 Richard French did.

Let’s see…I’m just trying to cover the possibilities. Could the person who spoke have chosen that name, knowing it was the name of a famous Man in Black? I would guess the background would have been checked by the people presenting the speakers. I tried to open the document at the website with the testimony (figuring it might have a bio), but Word didn’t like it…and warned me not to open it if I didn’t trust it…

I have to say, I find it a bit odd that other people don’t seem to have made this connection, even people who are very knowledgeable of the UFO literature.

Thought you’d want to know…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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