2013 Ridiculous Oscar Predictors: Best Actress

2013 Ridiculous Oscar Predictors: Best Actress

  • Every actor nominated for Best Actress named Jennifer has won, therefore Jennifer Lawrence must win (Jennifer Jones is the only other actor named Jennifer to be nominated for Best Actress…and she won)
  • No only child born outside the USA who has been nominated for the first time for Best Actress has failed to take home the gold, therefore Emmanuelle Riva must win (Natalie Portman, born in Israel, won for Black Swan; Charlize Theron, born in South Africa, won for Monster. Portman did not win when nominated as Supporting Actress for Closer, and Theron did not win with her second nomination for North Country)
  • Every movie primarily set in Thailand/Siam which has been nominated for an Oscar has won at least one. Since Naomi Watts has the only Oscar nomination for The Impossible, she must win (Anna and the King of Siam and The King and I both won Oscars. Around the World in 80 Days and Bridge on the River Kwai also won Oscars. American Gangster was nominated and did not win, but was not primarily set in Thailand ((although the country is part of the movie))
  • No actor nominated for Best Actress who was born in Louisiana has ever lost…therefore, Quvenzhané Wallis must win (both she and Reese Witherspoon, who won for I Walk the Line, were born in New Orleans)
  • In the past forty years, no 5′ 4″ actor from California nominated for Best Actress has failed to win, which means that Jessica Chastain must win (Liza Minnelli, born in Los Angeles, won for Cabaret in 1973. She had previously been nominated in 1970 for The Sterile Cuckoo, but that was more than forty years ago. Jeanne Crain was nominated for Pinky, which was released in 1949)

Data verified with IMDb.com.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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