Andy Griffith reported dead

Andy Griffith reported dead

Andy Griffith was one of those impossible TV people…he seemed realer than reality.

While not the place he became famous (that would include No Time for Sergeants and A Face in the Crowd…and being a comedian), The Andy Griffith Show became, for many, the America we wanted to exist.

It wasn’t just the relationship of the widower Sheriff and his son…it was the relationship of the star Andy Griffith and his co-star, Don Knotts as Barney Fife. it would have been easy for the eponymous star of a sitcom to make sure he got the best lines, but Andy Griffith didn’t do that.

Later on, in the same way that he showed that rural people could be underestimated, he did the same with older Americans as the lawyer Matlock.

You may not think of him as geek-friendly, but he starred in a series as a rocket jockey. Sure, the rocket is used to recover space scrap, but Salvage 1 was undeniably a geek series.

That’s not Griffith’s only geek credit:

  • He appeared on the Bionic Woman
  • He guested on Fantasy Island
  • He was in TV’s demonic possession movie, The Demon Murder Case
  • The Return to Mayberry TV movie featured a lake monster plot
  • He played a general in the Leslie Nielsen spy spoof, Spy Hard

Good-bye, Andy Griffith…the world is less folksy (and less comfortable) without you.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle


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