Review: Roswell USA: Towns That Celebrate UFOs, Lake Monsters, Bigfoot, and Other Weirdness

Review: Roswell USA: Towns That Celebrate UFOs, Lake Monsters, Bigfoot, and Other Weirdness

Roswell USA: Towns That Celebrate UFOs, Lake Monsters, Bigfoot, and Other Weirdness
by John LeMay (author), Noe Torres (editor), Neil Riebe (illustrator)
published by
original publication: 2011
size: 2427KB (256 pages)
categories: nonfiction; UFOs; Regions
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“I still had no idea that Spring Healed Jack, a mysterious figure that I had read about as a kid who terrorized London in the 1800s had also supposedly been seen Silver City, New Mexico.”
–Roswell USA

Years ago, I had a service called TAP (The Address Project). People would give me an area where they lived, and I’d give them a list of weird things that happened near there.

It was never a big success, but I had fun with it. 🙂

There was a point to it for me, too. I wanted to show that these sorts of things are reported everywhere.

Roswell USA focuses on places that have taken advantage of famous reports of weirdness to attract tourists.

The book is well-written and researched. It reminded me a bit of early Brad Steiger. There are great pictures, and the authors actually contact people involved.

The first part of the book focuses on the Roswell Incident, and I have to say, it may be the best weaving together of the various storylines (and they do contradict each other) that I’ve read.

They aren’t making fun of the events, but they aren’t endorsing them either. They do get a little humor in there:

“EBE 3 left earth for political reasons. She and the other aliens apparently didn’t care for Presidents Ronald Reagan or George H.W. Bush. (Author’s Note: Seriously, this is the story, totally unenhanced by me. Google it, I dare you.)”

The second part of the book was really interesting to me. While people outside of Roswell associate it with UFOs…but like any town, it has other strange happenings…ghosts, mini-dinosaurs, and more. That’s what a local writer can do for you.

The third part goes region by region through the country, telling you about weird festivals and museums. There are properly linked footnotes, which I always appreciate.

As sharp-eyed readers may have noticed from the quotation at the top of this post, there are a few minor errors. The one in the quotation is that the figure is “Spring Heeled”, not “Spring Healed”. Well, I suppose the latter might be true if Jack had visited Lourdes…or those magic fingers in a bed have therapeutic value. 😉  No, Jack was thought to perhaps have had springs in its shoes, creating prodigious leaps.

I didn’t find the few errors distracting, though.

Overall, I thought this was a fun read, and a wealth of information.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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