My take on…The Avengers

My take on…The Avengers

No question, The Avengers is a big movie! It has already set the US record for the biggest opening weekend…estimated to be over $200m dogro (domestic gross). That smashes the record set by the last Harry Potter movie at $169.2m.

How well it continues to do will depend on how well audiences like it…and the initial reports look very good, with an A+ CinemaScore, an 8.8 on IMDb, and a 77 on MRQE…that’s high for a blockbuster movie.

How about my take?

First, let me say…this was about as crowded a showing as we’ve been to in a while. We went to the first show on Sunday: not always busy. We also saw the 2D version. Still, it was pretty packed.

It was also interesting: I always look at the audience, and this was unusually diverse. Women, men…and a lot of kids.

That last part was, we thought, not exactly anticipated by the movie theatre. The kids were down in the six and seven year range, but the promos were for things like The Expendables 2 and the mature rated videogame, Max Payne 3.

Once the movie got started, though, they did fine.

It was interesting to me what they knew the best. No questions, kids knew Iron Man. That makes sense, since Tony Stark’s been the hot property for Marvel besides Spider-Man (and they would have known Spidey, too). They also, though, knew the Hulk. That seems less obvious to me, but the Hulk is kid like in some ways…as you know if you’ve lived with a three-year old. 😉

There was a lot for geeks, even some somewhat less than obvious shout-outs. Jenny Agutter (Logan’s Run) was on the World Security Council. You’ll see Ashley Johnson in a small part, and may be struggling to recognize her. You probably know her from Growing Pains as curly-haired Chrissy Seaver. She also has been doing cartoon voices, including Terra on Teen Titans. The connection to this movie, though, is that she appeared on Joss Whedon’ts Dollhouse series.

Joss Whedon, by the way, can lay to rest any questions about mainstream success. Maybe that’ll be better leverage the next time they want to cancel Firefly, hm? 😉

For me, the movie accomplished what it wanted to do. It was fun, and I was concerned about managing all of the heroes, but the movie does a good job giving them each their due.  Since a lot of it has to do with how they interact (even a “When Titans Clash” hero slugfest), that makes it easier. It was good to see Tony Stark and Bruce Banner bonding over science.

It would have been nice to see Captain America make some reference to Tony being his friend Howard’s son, but that’s only a minor thing. In fact, it’s probably good to ignore minor things here. Sure, the Hulk seemed to become a member of the team rather suddenly. Tony’s reactor in his chest is sometimes visible through his Black Sabbath T-shirt, sometimes not.

Geeks should just sit back and enjoy the ride. 🙂

What about non-geeks?

That fits my Significant Other. Interestingly, my SO thought Mark Ruffalo’s and Jeremy Renner’s performances (as Bruce Banner and Hawkeye, respectively) were good, and helped make the movie a lot more enjoyable…despite the noise. 😉

I can’t say we thought the acting was all at that level…Samuel L. Jackson seemed a bit less than committed (and I usually really like him), and neither of us were impressed with Scarlett Johansson’s interpretation of Black Widow.

I do have to say, I’d still like to see the Hulk be played by a person. Yes, this CGI Hulk had a face clearly based on Ruffalo’s face, and there also appeared to be quite a bit of motion capture…but it still looked like a cartoon.

Overall, it was a fun time, worth seeing.

I’m already seeing predictions that it will hit $400m dogro. Only eleven movies have done that so far, and it’s going to have some tough summer competition. I do think it will likely beat Dark Shadows next week, but I’m not entirely convinced it will catch and pass The Hunger Games, which I think may still pass $400m…although theatres are becoming scarce.

Feel free to tell me (and my readers) what you thought of it…are you going to go back? Did it meet your expectations? Will it be the biggest movie of the year? Did you stick around for the end credits teaser, and what did you think?

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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