Stooges, Lockout, in the Woods…a geeky trifecta movie weekend!

Stooges, Lockout, in the Woods…a geeky trifecta movie weekend!

When there is a superbig movie opening, everybody else gets out of the way. They might counter-program a small market movie, but you don’t want your potential $100m dogro (domestic gross) movie to open against another potential $100m movie.  A $40m movie may be able to recover from a slow opening, but that’s a lot harder for a blockbuster.

That’s why its interesting to me that we have three potentially buzzy geeky movies opening this weekend.

The highest profile movie of the three is the Farrelly Brothers’ The Three Stooges. The biggest question for me in terms of box office is whether audiences perceive it as an R-rated Farrelly Brothers comedy, or as a family movie like the Chipmunks. It is rated PG, and if the latter is the case, people may be surprised by how long it plays…children’s movies tend to have better legs. I have mixed feelings about going out to see it…as a big Stooges fan, I’m afraid of being disappointed by it.

The Geek Core is up for The Cabin in the Woods, co-written by Joss Whedon. This movie isn’t looking to appeal to everybody, and I think it’s likely to have a cult following (well, or at least to be absorbed into the cult of Whedon), but I don’t know how well it’s really going to play to the masses.

Likely to get lost in the weekend, but to have a decent secondary market life (and will play well overseas) is Lockout. This sounds of sort of like Escape from New York…in spaaaaaaaaaace! 😉 Guy Pearce goes in to rescue Maggie Grace, in  exchange for redemption…but we don’t have to call him Snake. 😉

My guess for the winner for weekend? The Hunger Games. 🙂 That should lead to headlines like, “Katniss Gives Curly a Poke in the Eye” and “Tributes Trump Stooges”.  For the newbies, I think it’s Stooges, then Cabin, then Lockout…although I could see Cabin surprising. The next weekend, though, I’d expect the Stooges to hold more of the audience.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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