The Hunger Games sued by descendants of Roman consul

The Hunger Games sued by descendants of Roman consul

Descendants of the ruling consul of ancient Rome who first offered state-sponsored “barbarian” games in 105 BCE have filed suit against Suzanne Collins, author of the popular Hunger Games books, and Lionsgate, the studio behind the successful movie adaptation.

The suit alleges that the work, which features a televised fight to the death by “tributes” from outer Districts, infringes on their intellectual property.

The group, Vere Stulte, seeks an injunction against the movie opening on May 1st in Italy and unspecified damages.

“Panem is an obvious reference to  panem et circensesthe phrase that Juvenal used to describe the games designed by our ancestors,” said the group’s attorney, citing the name of the capitol city in both the movie and the books.

The strategy has been successful before, when this group filed a similar claim against Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 when that film opened in Italy (where the group claims a copyright in perpetuity under grant of the Roman emperor) in 1975.

Lionsgate and Collins declined to comment for this article. Director and co-screenwriter Gary Ross said…

April Fool!


Just kidding…happy April Fools’ Day!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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    Nice, very creative!

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