The first $100m movie of 2012 is…The Vow

The first $100m movie of 2012 is…The Vow

There must be some happy people in Hollywood right now!

Not just Screen Gems, which had its first $100m dogro (domestic gross) movie ever with The Vow.

It’s been an incredibly profitable year…for all of the studios that have had movies make it on to our 2012 Movie Box Office: 40, 80, 1, 2 , 3 list.

Take a look:

Title Budget DoGro Profit $ Profit
The Devil Inside 1 53.2 52.2 5220%
Chronicle 12 58 46 383%
The Vow 30 103 73 243%
The Woman in Black 17 47.3 30.3 178%
Contraband 25 65.9 40.9 164%
The Grey 25 48.9 23.9 96%
Safe House 85 98.1 13.1 15%
Journey 2 79 76.7 -2.3 -3%
Underworld: Awakening 70 61.6 -8.4 -12%
Red Tails 58 47.9 -10.1 -17%
Total 402 660.6 258.6 64%

A number of movies on this list are still going to make money…Journey 2 will definitely beat its budget, for one.

Now, there are additional expenses outside of this…and additional income. There is box office from outside the USA: The Woman in Black has been racking it in England (no surprise there). There is home video sales…when they license them to Netflix and Amazon, for example.

Still, it’s looking good.

We’ll see how that goes when more big budget movies open…Disney’s John Carter, opening March 9th, reportedly has a budget of $250 million. That’s as much as the top seven movies on the above list…combined. For it to be as profitable (in percentage0 as The Devil Inside, it would need to make a lot more than ten billion dollars dogro. On the other hand, it if launches a franchise, it could be worth a lot…this is Disney, so we can’t leave out big merchandising dollars.

For right now, though, the movie business is the money business…and that’s certainly not always true.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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