Review Storm #2: Lost Girl, The Fades, Face Off

Review Storm #2: Lost Girl, The Fades, Face Off

What’s a “Review Storm”? It’s like piloting your pop culture spaceship through an asteroid storm…a whole bunch of little things hitting you at once. :)

In this second one in the series, I’m going to give you my short takes on three recent TV shows.

First, there’s Lost Girl, a new regular series on Syfy, Mondays at 10. This is what I call a “Discovered Destiny” story…the protagonist finds out that they aren’t what they always thought they were, and they have extraordinary abilities and responsibilities. In this case, Bo (Anna Silk) learns that she is a Fae, and specifically, a succubus. She is empowered by sexual energy, and until she learns to control it, can kill people when she draws it out of them. Of course, she gets a quirky hipster sidekick accidentally. That reminded me of the Highlander series…if, you know, McLeod had wielded a tongue instead of a sword. There are good Fae and bad Fae, and they don’t get along, and there’s a sexy Fae who is a police officer…and look! Hair-obscured breasts and a butt crack! 😉  This Canadian series is reasonably fun: the leads are good…Kristen Holden-Reid is charming as the wolf-cop, and Ksenia Solo is electric as the sidekick. The effects work (and there are quite a few of them). The dialogue is far from deathless, but the gimmicky set up is okay…they bring in a number of types of Fae, including a will-o’-the-wisp Overall, worth watching.

The Fades, now having its first American run on BBC America on Saturdays at 9, is another discovered destiny series…but I really do like the writing on this one. Paul finds out he’s an Angelic, and can see dead people. There’s a very solid mythology going on here, and the Styles to his Teen Wolf, Mac, seems like a very believable teenage geek to me. If you are an American not used to watching BBC America, be prepared…not only are the accents thick, it’s probably a lot racier than you are used to seeing. I wouldn’t want you to be watching this on your tablet at work and have your boss notice it during a scene of…um…self-involvement. If you are comfortable with Brit TV, though, I think you’ll find this may be one of your favorite current shows.

The second season of Syfy’s reality competition special effects makeup show, Face Off, is better than the first. The shows seems more secure and confident…the challenges have been on a bigger scale. I still am geekily thrilled that one of the Westmore family is the host, and the judges are truly leaders in the field. Ve Neill is the stand out, with seven Oscar nominations and three wins, and seems to genuinely care about both the art and the contestants…not a combination we always see in judges. Speaking of the contestants, they also seem more interesting…more outsize characters than the first season, but the quality of the makeups has also been good. Yes, there have been some failed designs, but they are really pushing them in a short amount of time to deliver high concepts…that need to be practical in special ways as well (the idea of having your makeup work underwater would have thrown me). This is a show I recommend…you don’t have to get makeup to enjoy it.

Want to comment about these shows or recommend others? Feel free. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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