The Devil Inside has one of the largest second week declines ever

The Devil Inside has one of the largest second week declines ever

This is just to confuse people even more. ­čÖé

The Devil Inside is a little, inexpensive horror movie that made an astounding $33.7 million dogro (domestic gross) opening weekend.

That’s despite having no big names, but that’s okay…that part happens.

However, it appears that not very many people liked it, either.

The IMDb average score (out of ten) is 3.7.

The MRQE score (out of 100) was a remarkably low 31. User reviews there overwhelmingly gave Fs.

It’s CinemaScore was a vanishingly rare F.

Only 25% of Rotten Tomatoes users even liked it.

What we can say is that by the measures we have, most people thought it was a bad movie.

However, I think the measure of whether the public likes a movie or not is how the box office sustains from week to week. That suggests good (or bad) word of mouth. That’s not 100% reliable…the number of theatres changing can obviously affect it.

So, if people actually did like The Devil Inside, we’d probably not see that big a drop from that $33.7m.

What did it do this weekend (the second)?

$7.9 million.

That’s a drop of about 83%.

The last Harry Potter movie made headlines when it dropped 72%, as detailed in this

The Wrap article

That was clearly anomalous, and had to do with how many people saw it in midnight showings…and round the clock, for that matter.

The Devil Inside is no Harry Potter. ­čÖé

Why are studios going to care?

The clear question: how did they make over forty million dollars so far (making it the first movie to crack our 40, 80, 1, 2, 3 listing for 2012) on what is a movie ┬áthe audiences don’t like?

That’s the $40m+ mystery…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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