Leonard Stone reported dead

Leonard Stone reported dead

You’d probably recognize Leonard Stone. He had a sort of a hangdog look…seeming like he was perpetually put-upon.

You can see that in his role as Violet Beauregarde’s father in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Who wouldn’t be put upon with a kid like that? 😉

He was a popular TV guest star, but interestingly, despite his distinctive look and persona, he would often appear on the same show multiple times in different roles.  I think of him in association with Barney Miller, where just the fact that he would show up was a bit of an in-joke…he had five appearances as five different characters.

Geeks may also remember him for a role he did repeat…that of alien huckster, Farnum, on Lost in Space.

His long list of credits includes a lot of iconic Baby Boomer shows: The Rifleman; The Real McCoys; Perry Mason; Mannix; and many more. He continued working into the 2000s…you may know him from the 1990s as Judge Hanson on L.A. Law.

Always geek-friendly, he was on: The Six Million Dollar Man; Mission:Impossible; The Outer Limits (in The Architects of Fear); and on.

I would be remiss is I didn’t also mention his appearance in Soylent Green…it was a small part, but he’s memorable.

He was one of those rock solid character actors, and the industry will miss him.

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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