App-y Halloween! Ghost Radar

App-y Halloween! Ghost Radar

Do you want to know if there are “uninvited ghosts” at your Halloween party tonight? Going to a haunted location and want to know what the resident entities are saying?

There’s an app for that. 🙂

You can get a free version of it from the Amazon Appstore:

Ghost Radar Classic

although I got the ninety-nine cent enhanced version for free as the Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day not too long ago:

Ghost Radar

That’s the one I’ve been playing around with recently. “Playing around” is right…they stress it’s for entertainment value.

I do think it’s fun (although my Significant Other thinks it’s…silly, is probably the best word, which is fine with me). You see a radar sweep which shows you “ghosts”, but more interestingly (and what makes the ninety-nine cent version worth it) is that it tells you words being “said” in the environment.

That’s where you can see if there is relevance. You could ask questions and think of it like a Quija board, or you can just let the words show up. I turned off the GPS so it wouldn’t know where I was (in case it cheated by knowing where I was). When I was in a Safeway, the one word I got was “Union”…and, well, it is a union shop. 🙂

I’m not commenting here on the reality or unreality (or something in-between) of ghost-detecting and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The app may work for that…why not? I think one good test would be to have several people with the app in the same location, and see if they got similar readings. This isn’t about testing really, though…it’s about fun.

Download it and have a great Halloween!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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