Lassie Come Home…using GPS

Lassie Come Home…using GPS

Here is an example of how modern technology can do good in the world…in case you wondered. 🙂

My Significant Other (SO) and I were on a walk, which we often do on Saturday morning. We saw a dog running along by itself…it didn’t seem very nervous, which is a good sign, but there was definitely not a person around.

The dog was very friendly, so we were able to check the name tag without scaring her.

First, we found a phone number, but the area code has changed where we live, and the old tag had the old number. When I called it, it was a business, so we weren’t sure. I left a message anyway.

There was a rabies tag with a vet number…we called that, and they confirmed the address on the tag…we hadn’t wanted to walk a strange dog to a strange house. We were able to confirm with them that the address on the tag was correct…and they even said we could take the dog to the vets if we wanted (this was before 9:00 AM on a Saturday).

The next thing was to figure out where to take the dog…how far away it was, and the directions. I have a Samsung Captivate. That meant that, while we juggled the dog and a cup of coffee, I could just do Google voice search to say the address, and it popped up on a map. Then, I had it go to Google maps. I turned on the GPS (I usually leave it off to save battery charge). It showed us how to walk there…maybe half a mile away.

My SO cleverly turned a sweatshirt into a leash, and we were able to walk the dog there. The dog was very happy to be home…and the owners were happy to get her back.

Thanks, technology! 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.


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