Charles Napier reported dead

Charles Napier reported dead

Charles Napier  was a character actor with nearly two hundred credits.

He’s probably best known for his tough guy authority type roles in his later years. He was tall and craggy, and frustrated with that nonsense, mister!

However, many of us first got to know him as Adam…the space hippy is a third season episode of the original Star Trek.

Those of you who knew him from Rambo or Silence of the Lambs may be amused to see him in that Star Trek role…in what is sort of a futuristic tie-dyed kilt with fake kind of Marjoe Gortner hair, playing what I think is a space-guitar and singing.

He would return to Star Trek for Deep Space Nine as a character who would have hated Adam: General Denning, who is dealing (gruffly) with the Roswell Incident (actually Quark the Ferengi who has accidentally time-traveled to 1947 Earth).

His TV guest appearances could fill a week on TVLand, from Starsky and Hutch to Murder, She Wrote to Mannix, Lois & Clark, The A-Team, and more.

He continued to work through the 2000s…like many actors, voicework entered the mix. He was the Sheriff on Squidbillies…and his last credit at is an episode of one of my favorite current series, Archer.

Good-bye, Charles Napier…we will continue to follow your orders and be silly…sir!

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.

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