Johnny Depp to play Carl Kolchak (The Night Stalker)?

Johnny Depp to play Carl Kolchak (The Night Stalker)?

The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, and now The Night Stalker…if his streak of starring in Baby Boomer TV series continues, we’re going to have to put on a pair of rabbit ear antennae just to understand Johnny Depp. 😉

This just announced purchase of the rights to

The Night Stalker

is an interesting one.

It was one of my favorite series. Carl Kolchak was a reporter who investigated (and ended up battling) supernatural and other strange creatures. Nobody, especially his boss, seemed to ever believe him.

Kolchak was played by Darren McGavin…not exactly a Johnny Depp type, but I’m sure that’s part of the attraction. Nobody would mistake Kolchak for a matinee idol, and you couldn’t say he was especially suited (ice-cream suited, for that matter) for the “job”. He wasn’t especially strong or fast, and his intelligence was of the bulldogged, don’t let it go type.

It’s also a bit ironic that Depp will play a vampire in Dark Shadows…and a vampire hunter in The Night Stalker.

You can see the original series on streaming Netflix, by the way.

Hm…what’s next for Depp? Maybe…The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?  He could play Napoleon Solo, and…Robert Pattinson as Ilya Kuryakin? Might be fun to have David McCallum play Mr. Waverly… 😉

Empire article

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the I Love My Kindle blog.

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