Pottermore: the next evolution in Harry Potter

Pottermore: the next evolution in Harry Potter

“With a Muggle yell…they cried, more, Pottermore!”

People want more Harry Potter.

The last movie is coming (July 15 in the USA), and is likely to be the biggest international box office hit of the year:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The e-books seem to be getting closer, with Jo Rowling recently calling the format a “godsend”:

J.K. Rowling: “…there are times when e-books are a Godsend.”

Fan fiction (“fanfic”), not official but allowed by Rowling within certain guidelines, is popular.

However, people really want more official interaction with the characters.

Well, something is coming this Thursday at 3:00 AM Pacific Daylight time.

You can see the announcement on YouTube at that time (and there is a countdown clock on the site) here:


What is it?

That’s not clear yet…it’s not a new book, but according to this

The Telegraph article

“Even though this is not a new book…it is something equally exciting.”

They are paraphrasing fansite

The Leaky Cauldron

which has had a sneak peek.

The two words that The Telegraph left out are important…here is the original quotation:

“Even though this is not a new book, we have been informed it is something equally exciting.”

They’ve been informed that, it’s not the perception of the fans.

Still, they are effusive about it in articles, and it may be something new.

I think it’s even possible that they will sell the e-books directly from there. I don’t think they would do that exclusively and independently. A Kindle, for example, can not read mobi books that have security…and I’m very convinced these would have DRM (Digital Rights Management). What they could do, though, is possibly arrange with Amazon that Rowling gets the first month or some other term to sell the e-books directly from Pottermore exclusively…but in azw (for Kindles), with Amazon getting a cut. They would also offer formats for NOOKS and Sony Readers (EPUB with DRM, for example).

That would be a creative arrangement, certainly. Alternatively, Pottermore eventually sells the e-books as a referrer to Amazon: they would get royalties plus a referral fee. Yes, I think Rowling will work out a big slice of the pie on the e-books, just as a blockbuster movie gets something like 90% of the ticket price at your local theatre.

Pottermore could have an online role-playing game, audio (like audio readings), video (interviews with Rowling?), new short animations, exclusive merchandise…all kinds of things.

It wouldn’t surprise me to have it be something really innovative: it will be fascinating to see. 🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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