James Arness reported dead

James Arness reported dead

For twenty years, Gunsmoke was a comforting destination for American television audiences.

While Miss Kitty, Chester (and later Festus) were memorable, it was Marshall Dillon who smoothed out the edges on a rough world.

Even though he was 6′ 6″* tall (without the hat), you never felt intimidated by James Arness‘ lawman.

While most associated with Westerns, Arness also appeared in a couple of classic science fiction movies (and one not so classic one).

In The Thing (from Another World), Arness’ height was an important part of a brief role…as The Thing itself.

In Them!, being 6′ 6″ wasn’t that giant…at least, not compared to the giant ants that Arness’ FBI agent is sent to investigate.

You’ll probably hear about both of those in the mainstream coverage.  Less likely?  Two Lost Worlds, featuring pirates…and dinosaurs.

James Arness’ younger brother acted under the name Peter Graves, and also appeared in a movie with giant insects (Beginning of the End).

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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