Yvette Vickers reported dead

Yvette Vickers reported dead

Will Yvette Vickers be included in this year’s Oscar montage?

Is it enough to have appeared in (but not as) The Attack of the 50-foot Woman? 

How about the second female lead in Roger Corman’s The Giant Leeches?

An uncredited performance as “Blonde Yoga Girl” in the first of the Beach Party movies? 

Does having been a Playboy centerfold disqualify you?

Geeks are the most inclusive group of sometimes excluded people you’ll find.  If we ran the Oscars, you would definitely see her. 

The Academy may not, though. 

The sad thing is that the circumstances of her death (or rather, the discovery of her body in her house after possibly having been dead for a year) is what most people will read about in the mainstream coverage they might see.

She was a drama major at UCLA…how many mainstream movie stars can claim similar credentials?

Good-bye, Yvette…giant leeches, or giant woman…we’ll continue to watch your movies.

Brian’s Drive-In Theater page

L.A. Times article

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.

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