The new voice of the Aflac duck is…

The new voice of the Aflac duck is…

I’ve written previously about Aflac firing Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of the Aflac duck for making insensitive jokes…in other words, for being the guy they hired.  😉 

That’s perhaps not fair to Aflac: they have a strong presence in Japan (although my understanding is that they don’t use the duck in commercials there), and the tweets were about the earthquake and tsunami, a truly tragic situation.

After that initial decision to add to the unemployment rate, I think Aflac has handled it rather well.  They did a nationwide search for the voice, which got a lot of publicity.  I particularly liked the Jimmy Fallon bit on it:

Jimmy’s Suggestions for The New Voice of The Aflac Duck

I also liked them doing a Perils of Pauline type silent commercial while the process was ongoing:

Aflac Silent Movie Commercial

 Now, they’ve released a rather charming video of the new voice of the Aflac duck:

HuffPo article

The new voice is Daniel McKeague, who is described as “a Minneapolis, MN sales manager”.

It’s essentially an impression of Gottfried’s duck.  I honestly thought they might go a different way, although that would mess up continuity with earlier commercials. 

I suspect Mr. McKeague may find it harder to be a voice artist than he thinks right now, not to say he won’t be able to handle it.  However, after the hundredth take or so on a single quack, I do hope its the fun I presume he thinks it will be.  🙂

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog.


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