Elisabeth Sladen reported dead

Elisabeth Sladen reported dead

Doctor Who is a frustrating, vastly superior alien.  He should be frightening to us.

One reason why he isn’t is Elisabeth Sladen’s performance on the series as Sarah Jane Smith, a journalist who was first a companion to the Doctor as portrayed by Jon Pertwee, and then as portrayed by Tom Baker.

Sarah Jane succeeded in “humanizing” the Doctor, without taking away his alienness.  She could stand up to him, encourage him, restrain him…educate him.

Her character was so successful that she was given her own series in 2007.

Sarah Jane was intelligent, charming, and relatable…characteristics which have also been applied to Elisabeth Sladen.  While there have been many companions to the Doctor, we can safely say that without Sarah Jane Smith (and Elisabeth Sladen) and her impact on how this alien relates to us, the series would not have been the same.

BBC article

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle.

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