We don’t know Moe: Larry & Curly cast in Stooges movie

We don’t know Moe: Larry & Curly cast in Stooges movie

Larry was arguably the hardest of The Three Stooges for the Farrely brothers in their big screen reboot.

While I do think Curly was the comic genius on screen, and Moe the most important Stooge off screen, they are more clearly and easily definable.

Lots of comedians and comic actors do a sort of Curly schtick at times.  They may not all do it with the sublime lack of meta of the original, but several people come to mind in any decade.  Will Sasso, a TV stalwart (including MADtv…and Sliders, as Gomez Calhoun, a Stoogey sort of name) will play Curly.   It takes more than barking and the “Curly Shuffle” to pull off Curly…we need to genuinely empathize with the big kid. 

Moe also has a less subtle character.  He’s the boss…yes, he might hit you with a hammer, but he actually cares about his fellow Stooges.  That’s the risk in casting him…you could go with someone who appears to be just mean, and that’s not really the true Moe-ness.

Larry, though, is harder for casual fans to define.  Oh, they know the “porcupine” hair.  Larry has a zen-like quality…that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get upset, he certainly does.  He does have this thing, though, about forces moving him.  Larry is a reactor, Moe and Curly are the actors.  That doesn’t make Larry a pushover, however.  When he gets upset, it can seem like he does it because it is the proper thing to do.  He’ll take Moe’s cue on that.

Sean Hayes, best known for Will & Grace, has just been cast as Larry.  I’ll admit I’m having some trouble picturing him with the Larry ‘do.  Can he bring the sadness, the melancholy, the victim element?  I’ll say the jury is out on that.  I’d heard James Franco being discussed…I could have seen him or Joaquin Phoenix, whose performance on the Letterman show as a bit Larry-like.

 I’m not sure how I feel about the movie.  I’m glad that they are going to basically do three shorts strung together, rather than trying to make a full length story (that never produced the Stooges best work) or a biopic.  It sounds like they plan to do it unironically, and I like that.  The Stooges had several different people over the years…Moe, Shemp, and Curly were actually brothers.  Curly got the gig after Shemp went solo (and worked with Abbott & Costello), but Shemp came back after Curly had a stroke.  The other “third Stooges”, Joe Besser and “Curly Joe” DeRita just didn’t have the same impact on Stooge fans.

Regardless, I’ll be following the story.  I doubt this is one my Significant Other will want to see in a movie theatre, 😉 but I’ll see it eventually.

Mike Cerrone (the writer along with the Farrellys) says that they start shooting April 18th…after arriving in Atlanta April 15th.  That suggests we’ll hear about Moe in the next ten days or so.

Mike Cerrone video interview at TheThreeStooges.com

What do you think?  Sean Hayes a good choice for Larry?  Got a pick for Moe?  Feel free to let me know.

Official Three Stooges site 

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle. 


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