Russian Air Traffic Controllers report meowing alien

Russian Air Traffic Controllers report meowing alien

According to this

Daily Mail article

Air Traffic Controllers in Siberia picked up a UFO on the radar and tried to communicate with the occupants.  The voice sounded female, and like it was saying “meow”.

It’s worth noting that the Mail has not shied away from…interesting stories in the past.

Second, while a very few of you may think of the old Ken Berry movie, The Cat from Outer Space, that cat alien had a voice (provided by Ronnie Schell). 

My first thought was of the Antonio Villas Boas case from 1967.  In that one, a man reported being forced to have sex with a female, somewhat cat-like alien…who didn’t speak, but made animal-like noises. 

While that may sound like pure tabloid, the story did gain some credence when investigated.

The alien gestured in a way that indicated to Boas that she was going to raise their hybrid child in space.

Perhaps it was a trip to see where Daddy was from?  🙂

Actually, I do want to make the point that the reporting may not accurately reflect the event.  I don’t want to dismiss it because silly concepts are used in the article.  That doesn’t mean I accept the event, but I’ve seen some reporting in this field that wasn’t free of bias…

This post by Bufo Calvin originally appeared in the The Measured Circle blog


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